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bear by san

March 2017



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i got your letter today in the mail....

O Hai.

The IRS tells me that I can expect $600.00 in blood money to forgive the Republican Party for the war in Iraq.

I have a strong temptation to donate every penny to Amnesty International.

I guess we'll see how broke I am come mid-July.


I picked up some books like Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward, and bought a Cuban peso from a seller in China for my niece.

I also see stuff from MoveOn.org every now and then that looks tempting.
If I hadn't been living on a grad student budget, I would have donated at least a substantial chunk to Doctors Without Borders. Amnesty International is a good choice, too. Any non-US specific civil or human rights type organization is good for a fuck you to Bush and his bread-and-circuses.
The last time I got a stimulus check it went to Planned Parenthood. This year, unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of standing on my principles so much.
Alas. I know the feeling.

Starving artisthood. Oh, the glamour.
Is that check still an advance on a later tax refund?
We'll also be paying bills with it. After sitting down with the budget recently, we had a bit of an OMFG moment when we realized we are paying $400 more per month on food than a year ago and $200 more per month on fuel.
That seems to be a reasonable thing to do. And mine will probably go to a credit card or rent, honestly.

But oh, the temptation is there.
I have a feeling most of us will be paying our fuel bills or gasoline bills with that money.

IMO it's just another sly GWB way to get money OUT of the Treasury and into big oil's pockets.
Me? I'm paying bills. I'm just glad the DEMOCRATS let me have some money. Our income is Social Security, a small retirement, and savings. We pay No Income Taxes and under the Republicans would have gotten NADA.
2 years ago I got a Prius, knowing the gas prices were only going up. Although I'm paying more for each fill up, at least they are only 8-9 gallons each.
My daughter is using her substantial refund (2 adults, 4 kids) to fill up her Suburban. :D Yeah with 4 kids the Suburban isn't a luxury.
Me with no job for three years and no substantial income received half that.

Idiots. (not you, them)
If I didn't need the money so bad, I'd give it to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or, like you said, Amnesty International.

Also, I'd buy at least one thing with a Pride flag on it. Because you just can't say you REALLY stuck it to the Republicans unless somehow, someway, you supported the "Homosexual Agenda". *nods*

I could be an unbelievable suck up and say we should all use our money to go out and pre-order All the Windwracked Stars or something, but I'll refrain. ;)

If you're broke, buying books in hardback is silly.
If you're broke, buying books in hardback is silly.

True, true, and I can't remember the last time I splurged on a hardback. But there is a bit of strategy to my comment. ;)

If I get really lucky somebody with more money to burn buys something in hardback and then recycles it through the Book Barn. At which point I find it, love it, take it home and name it George. :)

That's how I found "A Companion To Wolves" in hardback, in near perfect condition. Except I'm too fond of it to recycle it back through the Book Barn again. So it's a permanent fixture on the shelves.
Go on, take the money and run.. doo doo doo..

btw, the next door neighbor got robbed again
Mine is sitting in savings, where it has helped supplement the "oh crap, what do we do now?" fund
Reality dictates that a good chunk of mine is going to the credit card bill, but the rest is going to the Obama campaign. I figure that's a pretty good finger-waving in Shrub's direction, right there.
I do not take high interest credit card advances, it really burns me that the government has decided to do so for me...

Just so the incumbents can "claim" the are helping us.
Yeah. I'm pretty ticked about it, too. Growf.
I haven't ready the other comments, so probably someone else pointed this out. It's actually not a gift, it is your own money. It is coming out of any tax refund you will be do for 2008! So, if you can afford it and want to donate it cool, but just something you should be aware of. It's kind of like cutting off your foot and giving it back as a gift. Those thoughtful, thoughtful Republicans.
No, actually, it's not coming out of a tax refund. Whoever told you that is confused.

It goes to everyone, whether they owe the government or the opposite, and it's intended to prop up our crashing economy... and incidentally, help us pay for the skyrocketing gas prices caused by the energy and foreign policy decisions of the oil millionaires currently in office.

(I am self-employed. I ALWAYS owe them, not the other way around.)

A good temptation to succumb to...

...if the freedom to succumb is there. Wishing you the best of luck on that.
Yeah, I just saw something on cnn.com that the "economic stimulus package" doesn't seem to have resulted in a lot of new spending. The Administration is bewildered. How ungrateful of us!

No duh? It's going to bills and mortgages and rent, and staved off collapse for one more month.
My current plan is to use half to buy heating oil against the coming winter ($6/gallon would not surprise me come February); and give half? a big chunk of it? to the DNC to help drive the GOP from power.

(Of course, they're issuing the checks in order of SS#;so by the time I get mine, I might need the entire check to buy oil....)

A useful alternative -- put your money where it helps people on the ground now.

Amnesty International are good for monitoring and keeping records, but toothless to change anything. If you can spare the money and want to help anything at all to do with Iraq, consider the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI); they are one of very few organisations actively trying to prevent things like this, all too common since religious extremism has been given free rein in the wake of the invasion.
I have plans to use the "nobody likes me" check for new glasses. I found that I can't see. Otherwise, it would go to breast cancer research.
I like term "the nobody likes me check."