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He's not a strange man Mom. He's a homosexual

First essay assigned for today is finished. Second essay... cooking now. I think there will be a little eating lunch and decompressing now, though, and some guitar practice.

Meanwhile, a collection of links--

Elise Matthesen, aka the Lioness, has published a chapbook of photos of her wearable artwork and other people's stories inspired by that artwork, which includes work by me, truepenny, casacorona, and others.

Bookslut liked New Amsterdam.

Via yendi, a wonderfully obsessive rendering of Watson and Holmes' lodgings in Baker Street. With liner notes. Now that is fandom. It also makes me appreciate how obsessively detailed the set-dressing in the Jeremy Brett Holmes was.

Man, I need to buy those, one of these days. I always seem to be renting them....

In other news, I'm currently watching both Soap (remember Soap? Brilliant!) and the television adaptation of Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City (I saw one or two of them in the edited-for-PBS versions, way back in the mists of history, but I have never actually watched the whole thing. Which is odd, because I grew up reading the books, and love them with all the love in me. Yes, I had a weird childhood. And I'd totally get a sex change for Michael Tolliver.) and all I have to say is that I keep getting distracted from how wonderful both programs are by the OMG ICKLE TEENY BILLY CRYSTAL! OMG ICKLE TEENY THOMAS GIBSON! OMG ICKLE TEENY NEKKED THOMAS GIBSON! moments.


Sometimes, it's just hard to set aside the meta, yanno?
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