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my fandom runs like a girl

Things I have learned about my working style this year: I do not work well under pressure. I like to finish things while the deadlines are still well away on the horizon. In cases where I cannot do this, I get very stressed out and cranky.

I hate missing deadlines. I hate asking for extensions on deadlines. Hate, hate hate, hate hate.

I really do not micromanage well.

Slept for an unheard-of 8 1/2 hours last night; fell into bed at 11:00 because my whole body ached with tiredness and slept clear through to 7:30. Rolled out of bed, are something, and went for a run/walk.

The roses are starting to bloom; the last lilac in the park (an old-style aromatic lilac with tiny little blossoms and a strong, sweet scent) was dropping its petals under the rain today, but still carried a lot of scent. The bigger-blossomed lilacs are all over for the year. Mountain laurel is out, and rhododendrons. God, rhododendrons are ugly.

I saw a great blue heron fly over, though, and boy, that pays for a lot. 

The running went well today. I'm pleased. I managed to jog the whole mile out (except walking the first block as warmup) and then mostly-walked the 2.5 miles around the park. Then ran the mile home. It was raining and cool (60 or so) and I always do better in the rain. Soaked my shoes; I hope they've dried out a little by tomorrow. But I felt really good the whole time I was running--cardio was strong, I wasn't hurting for air, and other than moderate calf cramps when I was jogging, no physical problems. My lower back was fussed about the walking, but I stretched it out some, and that helped. It's hauling these darned boobs around. Ridiculous things.

Climbing tonight, and maybe I will even feel strong for it. I have a lot of zip right now. Maybe it will last.

120,157 words so far this year.
127.9 miles to Lothlorien. I have reached the Sirannon and found it dry.

Work for today is to continue reading greygirlbeast's brilliant, evocative, nihilistic A is for Alien and thinking about what I want to say about her work on acritical level. Also, a Shadow Unit vignette is poking me in the brain and I should write that.

Work for tomorrow is more A is for Alien. Really, you know you're jealous that I get to read this now, but you don't yet know how jealous.
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