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waiting for daylight to end

ursulav with the QOTD: But in the long run, Obama spoke to that chunk of idealism that I have been trying to kill for years with alcohol and the Daily Show, and I voted for him as a result.

jaylake with an important PSA for WAMU credit card customers: your data may not be as secure as you think.

The Webghoul has updated my website with Act I, scene iii of Ink & Steel. And that's all you get until the book comes out! (Thank you, Webghoul!) Also, I handed in an essay yesterday to Jessica-my-lovely-editor at Roc, which will be featured (along with Ink & Steel) on the Penguin website next month.

truepenny on Neil Gaiman's "The Problem of Susan."

1468 words on that vignette! Go me! And now, back to the reading.
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