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i'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. coming down is the hardest thing

I was on track for a fairly good day of climbing. I have finally found the right way to tape up my bad toe (It takes four pieces of tape to do it properly, but it supports it enough to keep it from hurting, and I'm actually leaving the tape on until after my run tomorrow, and seeing if it also helps that) and I was cranky, but bouncy and full of energy.

I sent a partially overhung 5.7 that I have done two times before, although there was a long frustrating struggle at the crux where I was really sure that I would never get past that bit, and in fact I could not figure out how I had ever gotten past it (secret: the arrete is a lie.) and there were many falls. But I came back at it and eventually figured it out, through the time-honored process of trying all the wrong ways. And then my arms hurt, and I banged my left knee badly enough that The Jeff said "Ow, I felt that.", but I was happy. Climbing fixes all your cranky.

So I rested and belayed for a little bit, and came back to try an easy fun new route with a little corner on it that I got Monday, because I wanted to see if I could just glide up it. It has a cool treefroggy bit getting over the corner where you get your feet way up and PUUUSH and then POP! you are over the corner. Whee!

And I did that bit okay, but then I got a little further and got off-balance going for a left hand that was just out of reach (I should have got my feet up higher, dammit) and I touched it, but did not stick it. And so I barn doored on my right hand, and my foot came off, and my knee went WHAM! against the hold my foot had come off of and all my weight hit my right shoulder. (ow.) And I lost the right hand hold and because I had been at the top of a long move, I fell about four feet--long enough to really feel like I was falling, and have a second of real panic.

And then I stopped. Pop! And swung there.

And Alisa said, all praise, "That was a pretty good fall!"

I was first laughing too hard and then way too sore to come back at the route and finish it, so that was the last thing that I tried tonight. Which makes me sad, because I had a lot of RAR! tonight and wanted to do more, but I do not need to actually tear the shoulder muscle that I strained.

But it was good praise. I had some good falls on Monday, too, and it makes me feel proud when she says that. Because if you are falling in interesting ways--instead of just burning out and having to dog on the rope, or not being able to make the move at all--then you are trying hard enough.

So I'm finally getting some confidence. Only took eight or nine months. *g*
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