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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek the puppet (poisoninjest)

Speak friend, and enter. (Punctuation counts)

Well, I set my alarm for five, decided when it went off that it was already 75 degrees and I needed more sleep more than I needed to get out of the house, and went back to bed for another hour and a half. And then I went for a run, in 79 degrees with 78% humidity, and air quality crappy enough that I was having some trouble finding an unbonded oxygen molecule. Bleg. Now I am dripping grossness.

But I made two miles, barely, and my cardiopulmonary system seems to have figured out that it can keep breathing while I run a mile. On the way back, though, I only ran about half of it and walked the rest. The only reason I had the motivation to drag myself out there at all was because I remembered that today was the day I pass the doors to Moria.

And so I did. I am now 1.6 miles inside the mines. No sign yet of cave trolls.

121.4 miles to Lothlorien.

And now I have to go get cleaned up so I may venture forth and do what must be done today.


Woo, good job! Running is awesome. Except when one is actually doing it. (I can do a quarter mile without stopping, after much practice...sigh)
congrats on making it to Moria!
Congrats on reaching Moria. I am still trudging towards Rivendell. Only another 15 miles. I should reach it at the weekend!
I miss running, though I haven't done it for years (note: running on a steeply angled beach WILL mess up your knees big time). Oh well.

"It's a long way to Lothlorien,
it's a long way, to go.
It's long way, to Lothlorien,
and the sweetest elf I know"
You know, one advantage of an underground place like that (even with cave trolls) is the temperature--usually in the 50s (Fahrenheit).

Man, maybe I should go see Mammoth Cave sometime soon.
Cool! Thank you!
Go you! *hands out bottles of water*
...and see, that's why I live in the Seattle area. (: