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First things first. filkertom (Our own beloved Tom Smith) has seriously injured himself, requires surgery (which is happening this afternoon), and could probably use both moral support and the more fiduciary sort.

Today I:

Got up and ran two miles
Went for a massage therapy session
Got the stolen stereo in my car replaced with an unstolen one
Bought a suitcase that will hopefully last me many, many years, unlike the two I've killed in the past 24 months ($160 suitcase marked down to half price. This one had better not explode. I'm just saying.)
Bought sheets, so I have a second set when my houseguests arrive in July
Updated my voter registration
Rewarded myself with an espresso brownie (first thing I had eaten since dinner last night. zippy zoom!)
Bought beer
Bought bagels

...came home and fell over. It is 97 degrees out there and I may never leave the house again.

Yeah. I'm mighty.
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