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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

we sail tonight for singapore

Autocannibalism on NPR (Actually a Talk of the Nation interview with Richard Preston on his book Panic in Level 4.)

Authors feel pressure to produce a book a year may affect the quality of their work. (Catty comment about the quality of Patricia Cornwell's recent work heroically redacted.)

My current goal is to find a way to live off a a mere two books a year, because that seems like a pace I could sustain without killing myself.  

Maybe I should start writing thrillers.


Probably "Nice work if you can get it."
I heard that one last Friday... I think maybe I didn't need to hear about the picture he decided to feature in the book pertaining to the autocannibalism...

On another note, it's nice to hear Ira Flatow's voice again. Well, yeah, he's a fixture on public radio (and as far as I know he has been so for ages), but I first became aware of him on that neat little educational TV show Newton's Apple... which I now think of as one of the precursors to MythBusters, only with a lot less stuff blowing up.

I don't listen to as much public radio as I could. There's a couple stations here, but one switched its format to classical music... I miss listening to My Word!
I listen online. *g* The future is COOL.
If you did to thrillers what you are doing to genre F&SF, you would have something awesome.. Oh, wait, that's what Shadow Unit is.. Sorry..
Aw. Thank you. *g*
Do what Tom Clancy is doing these days -- sharecrop.

"An Elizabeth Bear(TM) novel by __."
No no, don't redact the comment - we LIKE to hear cattiness. If it's the quality of the rest of your writing, it might raise the wittiness of on-line literary criticism considerably...
I think your work is already thrilling. :)

(I had to put my brand spanking new copy of New Amsterdam underneath the heavy pile of technical books I have to read for work, so I can't see it or get to it easily. It keeps calling me.)

It will be there when you are done!
"... we're all as mad as hatters here!"

Half the fun of reading your blog is guessing the songs the entry titles come from.

I'd like to get time to work on my one book a year. But posters gots to be made and yoga to be taught.
But isn't reading you always a thrill?

Travel well,and wonderfully!
One book a .. what now?

So that's where I'm going wrong.

Go go gadget fingers!
The Richard Preston interview was very interesting, thanks.

Umh, why 'we sail tonight for Singapore'? Honestly, I've seen too many random (at least, it appears to me anyway) references to Singapore in SF and I just don't get it--I live there...well, I lived there for 19 years.
It's a Tom Waits lyric. *g*

You probably notice references to Singapore exactly because you lived there. It's a neurological phenomenon called "personal relevance."

Like noticing your own name.
I could make some equally catty comment about thrillers, but I guess your books just have that sadistic quality with their characters... which I like. Also: some people just have more books in 'em. *shrug* I mean, Jeffrey Eugenides puts one out about every decade, so to each their own, I say...

Also, now that I have money, I'm unsure where to go from Carnival and dust... Undertow, maybe? Should I attack the Jenny books or Blood&Iron? The collection? Any suggestions?
It all depends on what you like. *g*
Hey Bear! News story from your area: Conn. police find pipe bomb stuffed inside chicken

Okay, bomb = scary, but I am in love and want to have babies with the sentence "The road was closed while the Hartford Police Department's bomb squad came and blew up the chicken."

I thought I'd share.

That was odd.

I guess I won't be picking up any raw chickens along the road.
Of course, it's a lot easier to live off of just two books a year if you have a huge back catalog that's still sending you cash... (:
Which is not a particularly easy thing to accomplish.

For example, I have exactly one book that has sold through the advance.