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But I look better in lipstick than I think I do.

Not a very good climbing night tonight, but not a terribly bad one either. Tried six walls, climbed three (which I had climbed before) failed on one I've done before, couldn't even get onto a fourth, and made a good start on the sixth (one on the barrel vault I've been eyeing for a while) but was too burned out to make it up it. I think I know how to make the next move, though, and when I come back from traveling, if I haven't lost every bit of ground I've gained, maybe I will send it.

Again, this extra weight can come off any damned day now. Because I think I would be a pretty good climber by now if I were oh, sixty pounds lighter.

Come on, meatpuppet, get with the program here. This will hurt less if you just cooperate.

Some photos from WisCon. (Not mine)

The Spider Women of Queso Grande invade the Tiptree auction.

Sarah Monette and the demoness that possesses her.

It's hard to look stern and imposing when Space Babe is hosing you down with a supersoaker. 

No. Really hard. 

There are no good shots of Amanda Downum as the S.S. Librarian, alas, but this one kind of shows her costume. (As you can probably guess, we kind of had a pan-European Evil Colonialists thing going, complete with Terrible Movie Villainess accents. Notice my stylin' Valkyrie pigtails. Sarah was the French femme fatale, and Leah the Conquistadora. Come to think of it, La Conquistadora is a completely bitchin' supervillain name.)

Space Babe victorious!

Death by cheesehead!

Totally awesome shot of Leah Bobet and her totally awesome Girl Detective hat.

Spider Women in defeat.

This is all actually coffeeem's fault. Though I'm sure she'd never admit to it.
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