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see the mist is your breath, it's the air.

2.5 miles today, and I ran--or jogged/loped--two whole miles of that. I think the .5 may actually be closer to .75, but who's counting? In the past four days, the hard green mulberries on the tree on the corner have started turning purple and pattering off my hat when I jog under. I ate two today, because they will all be gone when I get back from Chicago/Minneapolis.

114.4 miles to Lothlorien. We keep hearing footsteps in the dark. I've come 805.6 miles since I started keeping track on January 15, 2007.

I do better if I have some crackers and jam as well as a big glass of water before I go out there. Go figure. nebula99, the oatcakes you sent are full of energy! (Also, it may hopefully stave off the post-exercise lack of appetite, wherein if I am no careful I will go run on an empty stomach and then forget to eat until sometime in the afternoon, and then at that point wonder why I'm ready to kill a water buffalo.)
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