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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds hotch and prentiss tennys

I have survived Duckon and am safely in Wisconsin.

Also, Shadow Unit's summer updates have begun! 


That's awesome. *g* And a pleasure to meet you, virtually speaking.

I did have a good time, though I was feeling sort of poorly Saturday. Improvement is happening though...
Okay, I might be feeling ready to start forgiving Reyes at some point in the near future. Maybe.

(Not least because, if he's reading the series I think he's reading, I read all of the ones then in print when I was twelve or so, and you just nailed them. Moose County represent!)
Oh, good, I'm not the only one who thought that was what he was reading. I /loved/ those books. (Still kind of do, when I need to unwind.).
Oh, so did I. Actually, I'm coming over all nostalgic now just thinking about it; I may need to pick up a couple of the older ones next time I'm at the library -- they'd probably make ideal morning-bus-ride reading, come to think.
Reyes has sixty whiskers....
I have survived Duckon and am safely in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is in Middle Earth?

Oh, wait....
Sometimes it sort of seems like it...
Stay dry, Bear.
I will do my best.
So now we know who's responsible for the weather!
I'll say again, it was good to meet you, and sorry if I was flighty after the panel on Sunday. Enjoy the land of cheese and brats.
It's the rule of Sunday panels. They suck. *g* Especially when they have been rescheduled three hours earlier.

I really enjoyed meeting you as well. *g*
I’m glad that you two made it home safe and sound. I really enjoyed hanging out with you this weekend. It ended up being a great Father’s Day for me. :)

Now I'm off to read Bleak House. ;)

Yay for lack of flamey death on road trips!

(Also, omg you two are SO MUCH COOLER in person than online, and WOW did I think you were neat online, before. Pant, sigh, swoon, giggle, squee ... ok, must stop fangirling now, it's getting embarrassing!)
Aww. *g* Thank you.

(You are pretty awesome in person too.)
It was nice to see you, and hear you, and spend time with you. Let's do it more?
Likewise. *g*