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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie black tie - sosostris2012

he who make kittehs put snakes in the grass

truepenny and I went to the Madison climbing gym yesterday, where I think the walls are rated easier than in my home gym. Anyway, I sent three 5.7s without too much trouble. One of them was an on-sight, and what a cool route that is; it's all fiddly balance and technique and not very much strength at all. The overhangs, I don't do so well on, because of that strength/weight ratio issue (boo), but I'm pretty darned proud of myself. Also did two easier routes, probably 5.5s or so. Fun!

Yesterday and today I went running along the swollen banks of the mighty Yahara river. Yesterday was more intervally, but today... today made me happy. I found third gear, and just kind of cruised along merrily, my body trotting along the path easily and well within itself, without gasping for breath or aching or screaming for help.  So that was pretty awesome.

106.6 miles to Lothlorien.

Aso, we went to the Henry Vilas zoo yesterday, where we got to meet an orangutan who had come up to the glass and was shading his eyes with his hands to get a better look at the monkeys running around inside. We also watched Henry, the zoo's elderly and diabolical lion, enjoy himself by tricking the monkeys into running back and forth between the two observation points beside his habitat. He would walk over to one, get up close to the glass, and roar, vociferously. And then, when all the children had runrunrun down to that end, he would pace deliberately back to the other end of the habitat and commence being picturesque there--bouncing up rocks or stretching against trees.

Yeah. Cats like to screw with the monkeys.


down by the waterhole, drunk every friday...?
Stupid hairless monkeys and their thumbs...
more cat pictures
commence being picturesque there--bouncing up rocks or stretching against trees.

*lol* such a feline thing to do. Being beautiful matters when you are a cat.

Yay on the awesome run. (originally typed "fun" but I guess that works too.)
Lions are awesome.

I used to crack up my daughter by roaring at her like a lion at full volume. I had to stop once I almost gave a woman a heart attack at the Target.
Why is there no LOLTull?

Big Kitteh sez: skoff, skoff skoff.
I'm so glad Henry was entertained by the many almost hairless monkey's who came to visit him.

It reminds me of an elephant who use to live in a zoo near me. She realized that the almost hairless monkey's did a better job of scratching her side than any tree could. She would lean against the fence when ever she had an ich, and many many hands would poke through the bars to take care of her.
*laughing* And vice versa. There's a wonderful video of a monkey tormenting two juvenile tigers in the jungle. Have you seen that one?