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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls marlene make my day

I'm not dead!

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is indeed The Best Fantasy Convention On The Block. One of the nicest things about it is its smallity; you can always find the person you're looking for, and the panel discussions have been mad whirls of smart people talking about ineresting things, with heavy audience participation and lots of intensity.

Two more for me today, and one in the middle that is not mine but which looks like it will be utterly fascinating. I have two hours before my first, and am trying to get up the gumption to go swim.

Well, it's not like anybody else is going to be up this early....

This has so far been one of the best conventions of my life.



Next year...
I'm up! I just can't get there yet. :-/

And oh it is true about how great this con is. I'm already trying to figure out how to come back next year.
We must have you back. *g*
oh how I wish I was there!

well, there is always next year. I'm still muttering crabbily about the cost of flights to Calgary, should miracles happen.
Of course some of us are up this early, even after that late music circle last night. :)
Character flaw. *g*

I did not eat any of the children by the pool.
::is proud of you::

*intense envy*
*seconded* Green has been my color all weekend.
Thirded. It's been a bad summer for travel.
That last sentence is so nice. I am happy for you.
Next year. I hope. *envy*
I know what you mean, about the quality of this con. I'm a quiet little mouse, so I don't speak up much, but I'm betting that 4th Street is going to make the other con I go to this year pale a bit in comparison.

Especially the quality of the panel discussion. I've got so many notes and new ideas to try out, I'm not sure how to start - though I expect it will be hard to stop once I do.
*sigh* I wish my life had not got so insane. I wanted to be a the con -- it's right near my house -- but I really needed a weekend at home.
I had a fantastic time. For me, as an audience member, this was one of the most welcoming cons at which to speak up. And there was a never-ending stream of smart and entertaining talk in which to participate.

Thanks for being the most awesome moderator ever!
This was an amazing con, with a fantastic guest of honor (see, we can make her blush AGAIN!), who is the best moderator EVAR!

If I hadn't just finished driving from south Minneapolis to Hudson to the far northeast suburbs, I'd be coming back down to music tonight. Hope you've had as good a time as it looked!
Will you be leaving tonight? (Sunday) I just got back from a two week road trip, which was the reason I could not attend the con, much as I wanted to meet you and Sarah. (I live, right now, in Minneapolis.) If you're around Monday morning, I'd be happy to buy you a beverage of your choice for a chance to meet you before you leave!
Alas! I have plans for Monday morning and afternoon. :-(
It's really good to know smaller conventions like that are still around.

Of Course Your Not Dead

I'm glad you had a wonderful time, I really enjoyed listening to you on the panels. I shall have to take up knitting and spinning so I can keep my hands busy during panels next year. Maybe they'll have special seating for the Textile Artists next year.


Re: Of Course Your Not Dead

Special seating? Hah! Use your elbows. :-)

Thank you for being so conversationally generous and nice. It was good to see more of you at Fourth Street.
Hello. I enjoyed listening to you speak on the panels, so I've friended you. I look forward to hearing (reading) more.
Nice to re-meet you. *g*