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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds fate

took a jump through mississippi, well, muddy water turned to wine.

Despite the best efforts of Chicago, I am home and dry, and only four hours late.

And I have three boxes of books waiting for me.

So, er. If I were to hold a book sale--copies of just about anything I've ever written that was published in book form, signed by author, at cover price plus shipping and handling (say five bucks?)--would anybody be interested in that?

Because storage is becoming an issue.


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You betchya I'd be interested.

We live in a tiny house - I understand the storage thing.
400 sq foot apartment. *g*

Dibs on whatever the hell I can get!!!

List, woman, we need a LIST!
Oh hell yes.
What she said.
Why, yes, I would.
Do you have hardbound books, btw?
I have copies of ACTW and a very few of New Amsterdam, which are my only hardcovers so far.
Ohohohohoh!!!!! ((bounces up and down with hand raised)) ME!! Memememe! I could use a new bookshelf, but yes, me!
I think half the reason I bought a house was so I could put bookshelves in every room.

I would be interested in a book sale!
*raises hand*
Oooh! Most definately interested!
Although... Dorms have limited book storing space. But never mind that!
(My room mate laments of me.)
Yes, please.
Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

I would like some to give away to deserving mutant 12 year olds (and worse).. I think i have everything you published, anyway, except perhaps Hell and Earth and an anthology or two..

Gee, your apartment is just half the size of our house and we have three people and four dogs, depending on your definition of "person" and "dog"
but many i have are not signed.
Oh, yeah! Tell us how.
Yes, definitely!
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