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i wake up and its nothing at al. a hungry wolf, or an angry child.

So what we're saying here is that Legolas has infected the entire world with his gangsta bow shootin' style.

Dear Alex Ross:

Ur doin it rong.


2232 words today, 8085 words total on "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood," and I have gotten to the climax, through much exposition. Tomorrow and Sunday, I try to get a finished draft, because it's looking in range right now. Monday at the latest.

Because seriously, some of this road needs to get under my boots and like, now.

Currently, I am making bread, being pushed around by the cat, and sitting in my own big chair. That's hard to beat, that is.

Also, via a comment on my reading list, keep those pesky shoggoths out of your pants.

99.5 miles to Lothlorien. We've left the guardroom in Moria, and are climbing.

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