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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

it all began with a god named thor--

Ah, yes. Now I remember the joys of living with a cat. My neck is killing me this morning from sleeping around the small gray fuzzy thing that is currently trying to sit on my keyboard. Some people's children cats.

Anyway, weird dreams last night (I woke up at six, said "I don't think so" to the universe, and went back to bed until eight. Still trying to make up Ye Olde Sleep Deficit) that were apparently the penalty for lying in with a cat on my head.

My exciting plans for today:

1) Shower
2) Drink coffee
3) Go to the farmer's market
4) Work on "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood" until I cannot work any longer.

Here, have a link to a song that is being bandied about the Shadow Unit forums, where we appear to have somehow magically grown a pretty cool fan community.*

*Where by "magically," I mean through the efforts of a bunch of very cool fans.


Apropos nothing...

Finally reading W&W.

Amused by the Staten Island references.

Caught the truepenny tuckerization

Enjoying it highly.

There's a truepenny tuckerization?
Heh. I thought Monette was supposed to be one ;)

Doesn't look or act a thing like her.
Having never met her, I jumped to the island of conclusions. My bad.

Don't think it's a bad. I just couldn't remember having tuckerized Sarah in that one, so I was wondering....
Gah. Borrowed computer, forgotten password, no SU forum til tomorrow. This is me, going cold turkey.
I could reset your password for you, if you like. Just email me whatever you would like your new password to be....

Edited at 2008-06-28 02:36 pm (UTC)
Ooh nifty!
*uses powers for good*

matociquala at the gmail place.
Already sent to e@ebear.com. Stoopid memoree. Got to go read to small mammals now...
(*catching up on lj*)

Oh, oh that song is terrific. :D And you make me miss having pets with your talk of kitties. ^_^