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bear by san

March 2017



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writing genocide

Remember Anonymous?

The truth is still out there.

Message boards here.


I'm a little less happy about Anonymous than you are, because I find it too easy to imagine the same tactics being applied by fundies to family planning clinics, or by racists to people with the wrong skin colour, or by islamicists to unveiled women, and so on.

Distributed anonymous mass action like this is a two-edged sword ...
Of course it is.

So is every other tool for political change. Any tactic we can use, they can use. And will, and have. Tactics have no morals.

Swiftboating is still a verb here in America. (And the fundies are and have been doing exactly that to family planning clinics, and worse--posting hit lists on websites, and so on.)

That doesn't mean a damned thing, however. A knife is a tool. You can also stab somebody with it. The solution is not to ban knives.
A knife is a tool. You can also stab somebody with it. The solution is not to ban knives.

Try telling that to Gordon Brown. (But I digress ...)

There was a little group of them -- maybe 3 or 4 -- at the Fremont Street Fair last week, with bandido bandanas and signs. Me being me, I shouted, "ANONYMOUS!" at them, waved when their heads whipped round to see me, and kept walking. (The CoS had a booth around too, someplace.)
I like the idea on several levels, but can't be bothered most of the time. I do keep being tempted ot put up Burma Shave-style signs across from the Scientology church down the street, though.
I do keep being tempted to
Wow, I just read the Anonymous FAQ flier posted that the Scientologists are handing out posing as Anon.
Feisty posers aren't they?