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greens, greens, and nothing but greens....

I just got back from the local farmer's market, which is small but mighty. I have gathered much organic produce:

A bargain bag of last-of-spring-lettuces (romaine, red romaine, and I dunno what the third is, but it has speckled red and green leaves on a central stem)
The last of the arugula
A nice bunch of beets
Two heirloom tomatoes, a little red ridgy one and a little orange and red plum-shaped one (the tomato lady with the impressive tomato spread is not there yet. Maybe next week.)
Red raspberries
A small cucumber
Queen Anne cherries (eee, tart!) and some red sweet-tart cherries, I don't know which variety.

Since I already have summer squash, bell pepper, carrots, onions, and a red pear in the house, as well as some blue cheese... if you want me, I'll be in this salad.


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