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and so it goes

So I've started revising 7faS, and I have realized something. I think if I do the fussy line editing, and clean up the false trails, all I have to do is add a few scenes and I have a serviceable novella.

The trick, of course, is figuring out what Abby Irene's evil master plan is so I can write the scenes where it's important, because those are the ones that are missing, now.

Still. I shall apply my new motto as a writer, which is this: Think about what you are doing, rather than how you are doing it.

Because after many years of thinking about how I am doing things, that process is not longer serving me, and I need a new one now. Which, apparently, means learning to live with the unconscious competence thing.

Well, you never learn to write novels. You only learn to write this novel.
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