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bear by san

March 2017



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i will sell my soul for something pure and true

855 words on the 7faS revision today, and calling it a day. I made it all the way through the manuscript, found all the plot problems, and now I am printing the revised MS (which at 122 pages, comes in around 30,500k manuscript) so that I can take it to coffeeshops with a pen and stare at it mournfully.

But not today.

Or tomorrow, I think. Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'm doing, but it's not this. Nor is it working on the revisions for "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood," because I can't do those yet, because I am awaiting on Outside Forces. Nor will I be working on Chill yet, even though I have only six weeks to finish the draft, because this needs time to sort itself out, and I will not help it sort itself out by plunging into another large project that also needs a good deal of sorting out.

So I will shower now (I am still in my pajamas--what a bizarre combination of sloth and virtupitude writers is--and then I will climb tonight, and perhaps tomorrow I will go for a run in the morning and then do a bunch of research and let my brain do story-pondering things quietly until it solves this conundrum. After all, that works sometimes.

Think about what you are doing, not how you are doing it.


Ink & Steel! In the wild!

i have continued my tradition of buying a Promethean Age book and lending it to someone so fast that it doesn't even make it into my bag. But! It has been spotted in the wild!

(the same bookstore that gave me Blood & Iron a few days early, for reference.)
Think about what you are doing, not how you are doing it. Thank you for repeating that!