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Not home, but in Ohio

Well. If I had been going to the Con for the Con, I would have been very disappointed.

Since I was going to the con to embarrass Jay Lake, I can consider my mission a complete success. *g* Also, we managed to move a very proper French waiter to exquisite levels of disapproval.

The panels, with a few exceptions, were extremely disappointing--despite valiant efforts by some panel participants not to have them be so. The parties were crowded. The lobby/bar of the Fairmont Royal York proved an exceptional place for meeting people.

The meeting with Jenn-my-agent-Jenn went extremely well, I think: we have a plan, I have a manuscript (Scardown) to tidy and get to her by the end of the month. We've possibly figured out how to make Bridge of Blood & Iron more marktable, and I think a stronger book, although it will probably raise the wordcount rather a lot (I'm expecting to around 150-175K) through the addition of two more narrative threads--but that can wait until after Stratford Man and maybe the sequel to Hammered/Scardown. Which now has a better title (Worldwired, although that might change again, because it falls into the 'terrible puns' school of titling) and also is starting to develop what I call brain-shape, one of the first signs that an idea is cooked.

Also, some other stuff jiggled loose in the furious back-and-forth. Wheee!

Quote of the con: Peter Watts: "80% of a barnacle's body mass is penis."

I had some great discussions with a gang of the hard science fiction geeks and bystanders--such as Jeremy Tolbert, Mike Brotherton, Leah Cutter, Ken Wharton, Peter Watts, David Nicholls, Chelsea Polk, Glenn Grant, (Apologies to anybody whose name I have misspelled) and others waaayyyyy too numerous to name (I would be a bystander in this company) about nanotech, programmable matter, and best of all, our various dodges for FTL technology.

Everybody seems to be currently playing with variations on quantum mechanics, string theory, or probability theory to sort of duck the Einsteinian limit, which led to Chelsea coining the term "STL" or sneakier-than-light technology. Which I will be stealing with extreme prejudice for Scardown.

I was very pleased to meet, among other people, the editor who currently has Hammered, several of Jenn's other clients (my stablemates), Ellen Datlow (who was exceedingly charming and delightful, and spent a good deal of time in her Kaffeeklatsch edjamacating Chelsea and I on the finer points of growing up to be an editor--her enthusiasm was amazing), and I also had the extreme privilege of hanging out with many of my fellow semipro and small press editors and publishers, notably from On Spec, Fortean Bureau, Ideomancer, Wheatland Press, and so forth.

There's not enough space to list everybody who was nice to me, and I'd inevitably leave somebody out. But boy am I glad I went, and I consider it an unqualified success, and almost everybody from the OWW is even better in person.

Also, I would be happy to spend the rest of my life eating my way across Toronto.

And I'm ready to go home to my dogs and cats and my boy now, not necessarily in that order.
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