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Well, everybody else is doing it....

Seven for a Secret. (novella)
Which I recommence working on today. Ready or not, here I come. Maybe it will have grown some plot while my back was turned.

Yeah, I know. I know.

Bone and Jewel Creatures
. (novella)
I really ought to revise this and write its last scene, since it's so close to finished. Perhaps I can do that after I finish 7faS.

One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King. (Promethean Age 5)
Complete in draft, needs a revision. Waiting to see if Roc decides to continue the series.

The Sea thy Mistress. (Edda of Burdens 3)
Complete in draft, needs a rewrite from scratch.

Well, I have a sentence. And last night in the car I figured out some things about it. Not about Chill, of course.

Patience & Fortitude. (Promethean Age 6)
I have maybe fifty pages of this, most of them unusable.

Posthumous Jonson (Promethean Age) (needs a new title)
The most depressing book I will ever write. I have the beginning of this one.

Soldier's Heart
I will probably never write this one, as it's a sequel to Carnival, which doesn't need a sequel. It's not a direct sequel, though, as it's mostly about Vincent's sisters. Included here mostly because I have a title for it.

An Apprentice to Elves
The book about Isolfr's kid, if Sarah and I ever get around to it

Untitled Skaldwulf and Vethulf book
The other potential sequel to A Companion to Wolves, which is also not currently on the schedule in any way

Untitled Pulsifer Postlethwait Book
A mystery novel set in New England in the 1830s, which may or may not have a spec element, but sure would be easier to sell if it did. Maybe it needs a grindyloo or a glawackis or something. 

Unsuitable Metal aka House of Masks (Promethean Age) (needs a new title)
Industrial Russian WWII fantasy

Balm & Oil (Promethean Age)
Victorian railroads across Africa! The "triumphant" return of Magnus Larssen (who you may recall as the not-very-bright protagonist of "Tiger! Tiger!"). Other cool stuffs!

Rag & Bone (Promethean Age)
The other Victorian PA novel.

Dog & Raven (Promethean Age)
15th c. Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus, Stephen Bathory, and tangentially Vlad III, Dragon Prince.

Corinna, Corinna (Promethean Age) (Needs a new title)
This would be the murder ballad book.

A Treachery of Princes (Edda of Burdens #4)
I have about fifty pages of this one, in very bad ancient draft. Of course, it all depends on how the first three do.... But like the P.A. books, they're each self-contained, so it's not like it would be an Endless Series.

Between the Bones (Edda of Burdens #5)
Kitteh with a whip!

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