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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

inside every candidate waits a grateful death

Okay. I've figured out how I'm going to handle the book sale*. Which will commence after Readercon, I think, because the next two weeks are just too damned busy.

Basically, what I will do is put up a post for each book or set of books announcing how many copies of each I have to get rid of send off to good homes. And they'll go to those who comment-and-paypal, first-come first-served. Cost will be cover price plus $5.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

I think the only payment option I'm offering is paypal, right now, because really it's all I can swing without fussing, and the goal is not to fuss.

NB: I do not yet have any copies of Ink & Steel or Hell & Earth to unload, because large boxes of same have not yet turned up on my doorstep, but it's only a matter of time. I have at least a couple of copies of everything else, and even some leftover ARCs, for people who like those.

And then I will have an entire four foot bookcase back!

*(which may also be the buy-Bear-a-new-laptop sale, as the 5-year-old HP refurb I have been happily using since 2003 is reaching the end of its lifespan, and also is awfully heavy).


I'm in - will you have any Undertow and New Amsterdam? Those are the only two I don't have.


finished this yesterday...


My heart is broken into a gabillion pieces...

I love you.
I have multiple copies of both.

and thank you!

The Shadow Unit story is continued in the character livejournals and the ongoing DVD extras, BTW....
I know - I'm just going to sit here and poke at the broken bits for a while...
Just as an aside, I mailed packages with two galleys in each yesterday overseas (Asia and Eastern Europe) and the postage was $23.50, so $5 for overseas shipping might not be fair to your laptop fund. Surface shipping is gone now -- only airmail is left.
Oh, bah. We might have to make it $10.00 per book for overseas, then. alas!
Ooooh, more books. *waits expectantly in Squirrel Pose*
I am SO in.

Freed-up bookshelves are the bomb. Ex-husband asked me to trade wine rack for whole big tall bookcase, 2.5 feet across and like 6 ish feet tall!!! (I said yes).

So now about half of the books are rearranged and some of them get to be pretty; YOUR books now have half of their own shelf on the favorites shelf with the Neil Gaiman and the comics and graphic novels.

The other half of the books are still strewn about the middle of the living room, but now I have works to do.
When you start shopping take a long look a the Toshiba laptops, mine has gotten abused like hell and is about 5 years old itself.
I'm in too. Will you be selling books at ReaderCon? Because I will be there, and that would get rid of the shipping fee. (It's going to be my first Con! I can't wait.)

I always need more bookshelves. Just to show my neurotic obsession with reading, I have all my books alphabetized.

No, I don't plan to sell books in any kind of formal way. But there will be dealers there who will have my stuff, and I'd be happy to sign anything for you.
Excellent! *attaches self to internet in anticipation*
Do you mean comment and send money immediately, or comment, get confirmation, send money? I need to know before all the copies of Dust are gone.
It'll be comment, get confirmation, send money.
Good luck with sellin'. (May you not find the cost of labour too high).

Between me and (wife) Anne, I think we've given enough books to seriously jeopardize the viability of publishing in North America.

Thank you! *g* and yeah. I just have to make some room in this dratted house....

Many are the Books

I know what you mean.

When I first moved in with (wife) Anne, she said she'd got rid of 650 books to make room. (There wasn't exactly a large hole in the stacks for me to slip into).

In our latest pre-move purge, we lugged 1800 titles to a library in Washington Heights. (Picture my little white car crammed to its spoiler with paperbacks).

And the poor movers! The guys were still dumbstruck with the leftovers. (More purging must come, I'm afraid).

Waiting with bated breath........
Waiting-with-baited-breath and checkbook in hand.