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inside every candidate waits a grateful death

Okay. I've figured out how I'm going to handle the book sale*. Which will commence after Readercon, I think, because the next two weeks are just too damned busy.

Basically, what I will do is put up a post for each book or set of books announcing how many copies of each I have to get rid of send off to good homes. And they'll go to those who comment-and-paypal, first-come first-served. Cost will be cover price plus $5.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

I think the only payment option I'm offering is paypal, right now, because really it's all I can swing without fussing, and the goal is not to fuss.

NB: I do not yet have any copies of Ink & Steel or Hell & Earth to unload, because large boxes of same have not yet turned up on my doorstep, but it's only a matter of time. I have at least a couple of copies of everything else, and even some leftover ARCs, for people who like those.

And then I will have an entire four foot bookcase back!

*(which may also be the buy-Bear-a-new-laptop sale, as the 5-year-old HP refurb I have been happily using since 2003 is reaching the end of its lifespan, and also is awfully heavy).

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