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Noticeable progress!

Well, after losing Wednesday and Monday's climbing, more or less, to menstrual incompetence (I don't get cranky and I don't get bad cramps, but I do lose 50% of my pain tolerance and upper body strength, and forget stamina, courage, and coordination. /TMI), I kind of kicked ass tonight. Only four walls, but I sailed up a long 5.6 which I've always had to pause on before, and kind of kicked ass on two 5.7s which I have in tha past struggled with. The other was a 5.5 which has a tricky bit I will someday get past without wiping out on. I like that climb; it's a 5.5, but it's a fun 5.5, not a boring straightaway.

In short, I did better on everything than I have before, and also, really good endorphins.

This improves the fact that I apparently have inflamed tendons in my left arm, and am on NSAIDs and icepacks until further notice.

Yay, icepacks.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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