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bear by san

March 2017



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writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luck

We bring you more Shadow Unit over-hiatus extras!!


Oh my.

Loved that last sentence, yes we did :-)

Somehow, this stuff is all even more riveting since hearing the production team going on about things out at 4th St Fantasy Con...
Thank you.

Ooo! Kitteh!
Interesting synchronicity in this one, for me at least. Up to this point Frost still seemed fairly two dimensional. She certainly wasn't a generic character, but she still lack much of the depth of the others. However, with just a couple more creases added in this vignette she suddenly sprang into 3D.
well, poor Frost doesn't get a lot of screen time. But I like to think she's got a personality.

In there.

*loves my SU extras*
This one is one of my faves....
And in doing so, you broke my heart. Again.

Madeline Frost is awesome, yes she is.
we thank you!
Nonono. We thank you.
I'm finding myself really admiring Frost. I don't think I'd like her (if she were real), and if by some weird chance I did, I wouldn't let her know it, 'cause she wouldn't want that. But... from that messed-up background, she's still managed to know that she shouldn't be involved with people, and set up her life to be very much a contributer, doing worthwhile work... sort of like a person who was abused deciding not to have children rather than risk becoming an abuser themselves.

I re-read her bio after reading the DVD extra, and paid more attention to this part than I had before: She seems to have absolutely no understanding of what causes emotional pain--or any emotion at all--in humans, and absolutely no connection with other living creatures.

Stressing the seems to... yet, she knows that Chaz refers to himself as "Platypus" and made him an origami platypus.

Layers and layers and layers. Like an onion.

*babbles some more*
Yes, that "seems to" could be a very useful projection and defensive mechanism for her.
She's a funny old duck, all right. I like that about her.
Frost continues to scare me. In all the best ways.

(And her physical description really does not match how she looks in my head. I have to consciously fight to see her the way she's described on the page.)
She looks like Judi Dench playing a kindergarten teacher. ;-)

(I love Frost. She entertains me.)
I mean, I've heard about "torture your characters" but I kinda think this one takes it further than I've seen before. LOL.
My question after reading this one was, "Is Frost like that BECAUSE of her parents? Or was she like this before?"

My gut feeling is that Frost was ALWAYS low-empathy like this, and that helped her deal with her mother's murder.

In my mind, there was a part of young Frost that was relieved by the fact that everyone around her started accepting that she was withdrawn and emotionally unconnected with anyone else -- THEY thought that it was a RESULT of the murder.

That's the Frost in my mind, anyway. Because I like people who are broken -- or at least differently working -- not because of any external trauma, but just because that's the way they are. And I like cases where people have what ought to be trauma, but it's isn't traumatic, because they're already broken, so they just don't care.

To me, people being broken because of trauma is boring. People FAILING to break because of trauma can be interesting, and people being "broken" just becusae they're like that, and, to them, is ISN'T brokenness, it's just how they are, is interesting.
*g* Well, that's an excellent question.

Maybe someday it will be addressed.
Your comment link says "step through the mirror," and I think Ijust did. Last night I had a dream that wasn't mine. Apparently, my subconscious decided to give me the nightmare that Chaz would have had last night. Judging by his post this morning, it did so accurately.

I don't really know how to feel about this.

Although now I admit to being very curious about your nightmare.
It has partially faded, and I don't think that I'm a good enough writer to convey the emotional impact anyway. It was synthesized from the event's of the season finale, Chaz's love of food, his new fears (both that he might have suffered permanent injury, and that he might have become one of THEM) ... and his new purchase. You know, the one he can't bring himself to touch this morning?

Surprisingly, it wasn't a nightmare for me, and that fact really bothered me until I identified it as "not mine." And if I were Chaz, the lack of emotional impact within the dream would make it all the more a nightmare.

I'm still kind of freaked by the way that Chaz's [private] posts imply that he had a similar dream last night, however. :)

That's pretty awesome.

I have had my characters' nightmares, but never somebody else's characters....
Killer, btw, yet again. These are killer.