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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek superbard! _ strangepowers

when i have no dreams to give you anymore i'll light a blazing fire

Another thing I have learned over the years is that sometimes you can't jump right in and write a story when you have the first inkling of what it's about.

Sometimes, it helps to write down some notes and then stick them in a file and wait until they set deep roots.

You can always add more notes, after all, as they occur. It's like fertilizing the plant.



I am quite struck by the phrase "as the yoccur." I must use in a story sometime.


Yeah, I still can't type.
"Poor Fred. He should have known to take a bigger gun during yoccur mating season."
I thought yoccur was someone in a medieval household, the person in charge of the night's entertainments or something.

I honestly thought yoccur was one of the many words Bear knows which I don't and hied me off to the Dictionary to learn it up before realizing my mistake. ((smirks at self))
Er, that was me. LJ logged me out, the fools.

That is some great advice, and something to definitely remember when that "great idea" hits in the middle of the night and you don't know where it goes.

This is why many ideas wind up half done or in a drawer somewhere.

Proving once again that the gulf between professionals and amateurs is not so wide as it would appear. (The gulf between being published and not is fairly wide, but that is a different topic altogether.)
What drives me nuts is that some stories need me to jump right in and write whatever I've got so far before they'll spit out the rest. And I only figure this out after they've sat around in note-limbo for however long.
*nods wisely at Bear's post*

I get that.

*nods ferociously at swan_tower's comment.

I get that, too!

Wow. I may be a writer, after all....
I think my record for incubating a story is something like 8 years. But it's growing longer as I get older.

Usually I do jump in and start writing. Then lose interest due to complexity, and park the embryo in a folder on my hard drive until I get enough extra ideas to send off for a story arc.

Notes are good. A tool for keeping track of them and periodically reminding you they exist would be even better.
I keep kind of a home tickler file--I park all the unassigned ideas at the end of the file that I use to prioritize projects, and anything that's progressed enough to have a file and some prose attached gets listed on the "in progress" page.

It helps me remember that stuff exists.

Fertilize the story?

I must be tired, I just had an image of you helping me fertilize my stories by shoveling manure and expires alphabet soup in my ear...

My brain some days, yanno?

Re: Fertilize the story?

Alphabet soup, to order!