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bear by san

March 2017



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mirror in the bathroom recompense for all my crimes of self-defense

We can has mass market pub dates! Yay!

If Amazon can be trusted (I always here these things from them first,) the mass-market paperback of A Companion to Wolves goes on sale July 29th. [Mysterious Galaxy order link] This means, if the pattern holds true, it might be turning up in brick and mortar stores any minute now.

Also, it appears that a MMPB edition of Whiskey & Water is in the works for January. Fantastical!

Me, I spent the morning cleaning my apartment and fussing with the under-desk wiring (which appears, dear me, to still need more duct tape). Also, did laundry in preparation for ReaderCon--where I will be doing a talk, a panel, a kaffeeklatch, and a trio of readings--one all me and two with anthologymates. Also hanging around in the bar, playing Mafia, attending the Kirk Poland, gorging myself on the annual pilgrimage to The Summer Shack, and going climbing.

I even subjected the poor cat to the Robot Monster, and have what passes for a clean floor around here. Somehow, I feel like I should have done more, but this is vacation, right? And there will be climbing tonight.

truepenny and I have been touring the wilds of Connecticut for the past week--we've been to the Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe Houses--apparently the Twain House is hurting for money, currently, if you are looking for a tax deduction--and Bushnell Park, for the carousel and stuff. Yesterday we did the Mystic thing, visiting the aquarium and seaport. Whaling ships! Steller sea lions! Clam rolls! Life is good.

If you think I'm studiously ignoring the latest idiocy from the Department of Health and (in)Human(e) Services... I sent a letter this morning. If you wanted to, you could send an email here.

Not that, you know, these guys listen.

In fannish news, the oh-so-awesome Mr. Wil Wheaton, noted writer and blogger, will be appearing on Criminal Minds. woot!


slip gently into mental illness

you're getting a lot more accomplished than I am.
Hey, you and I are gonna share a release date in January. Hm ... I know of a few others who have 1/6/09 books coming out. Feel like trying to do a group promo?
*g* I'm game for it, sure, though I'm not really certain those things work and helpless at organizing them.
So noted. And I'm not thinking of anything major or extravagant, just fun. I've got your e-mail, so I'll shoot you a note later on this year.
I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Ink and Steel at Forbidden Planet in London. Wheee!!

Also, I read that about Wil Wheaton. I love that he's going to be in CM! :)
Might I recommend, for underdesk wiring, zip-ties?

They work well for getting large chunks of wire to flow in the right direction, and if your desk is set up in a way that makes it possible, can be used instead of tape to secure them to various vertical surfaces. Which is nice, because they don't peel off over time. :)
Zip-ties are a substandard solution, as far as I'm concerned.

I use velcro things.

They however do not help at all when it comes to securing wiring up out of the way to broad flat wood surfaces.
Well, then you've got a plan.

I dislike using ducttape for stuff like that, because it tends to mar the surfaces.
Not an issue here. *g* And the last ductaping binge worked!!!
Mystic and the Mark Twain House? Now I'm getting all nostalgic for those Nutmeg State day trips that I used to take with rarelynne. Mystic was our first vacation, and we went to the Mark Twain House on our economy honeymoon.

I surprised that you didn't drag truepenny to the Wadsworth Atheneum yet.
This is part of the continuing 'keep the fundies sweet' campaign of the Bush Administration. It's actually part of a campaign that's been going on for some time to define the pill as 'chemical abortion' -- pharmacists refusing to dispense prescriptions of the pill do so because it violates their belief that abortion is murder, you see. This would provide 'scientific' support for this absurd claim. The purpose seems to be to relegate women to the role of housewife and mother the way god intended.

Writing to your senators and congressperson will help, yes. Better to write to the Secretary of HHS as well.
We're heading ReaderConwards too. Looking forward to seeing you there!

We can't wait. ;-)
With all the usual Connecticut places out of the way, you should make a pilgrimage to Dudleytown.
If you feel like wondering back over to the Mystic area, there's this great glassblower's studio in Stonington called Prescient Studios. I went there for the first time last year and it was wonderful. They've got a great setup for people to watch them work. Also Noah's is a great place to grab lunch before or after.