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A multiplicity of things while I wait for my roomies to awaken....

Five things make a post, right?

1) There's new Shadow Unit content, as is traditional for Friday mornings.

2) I'm at Readercon, and have kind of a packed schedule today. Hope to see some of you here. I'll be doing a talk about Dust today, and a reading, and so on.

3) I went climbing at the Boston Rock Gym with truepenny, leahbobet, stillsostrange, and kayselkiemoon last night. (Well, Amanda and I didn't get to climb all that much, as we are the ones who can belay, but still.) Fun was had, a new gym was checked out, nobody got dropped on their head. Success all around, I'd say! There are some wonderful tricky walls there, and the ratings aren't as hard as at my home gym. There's a 5.7+ that I would love to keep working on, and a 5.7 that I'm really sad I did not get to try.

4) It's looking more and more like Roc will not be picking up any more Promethean Age books, as apparently sales of the MMPB of Blood & Iron are not what they would like (though I've seen the Bookscan numbers and they looked reasonably healthy to me; but I'm not the guy with the checkbook), and Ink & Steel is also not looking to crack any best-seller lists. So if you want copies of the Stratford Man books, now would be a good time to buy/order/pre-order them, because I cannot guarantee there will ever be a mass market paperback edition, and they may get hard to find. (Book two, as you know, will be out August 5th, and may be appearing in brick and mortar stores a little in advance of that date.)

Well, it's not like I don't have enough other work to keep me busy.... and you never know, a miracle may occur (Oprah picks up Kit and Will for the book club? Nah....) or another publisher may take over the series, though that has the potential to create mad backlist confusion.

5) I am still reading Brasyl, which is a brilliant book. And which also teaches me why we put exposition and transitions and white space in books, because this thing is dense and totally written to the "run and try to keep up" standard. ianmcdonald's "You must be as tall as this sign to ride this ride" is somewhere up there, but I am stretching to reach it, because the book is totally worth the climb. (I read some of it in the hot tub this morning.)

5.5) Yay, hot tub!
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