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bear by san

March 2017



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Well, now, isn't that interesting....

Various conversations around the con, with booksellers and others, and a little online detective work have led me to believe that the reason that Ink & Steel isn't (a) appearing on bookstore shelves and (b) selling in reasonable quantities, despite fabulous reviews, is that it's not in the order system at a certain major industry distributor under my name or the title, though it can be located by ISBN.

So, I guess Monday we get to see if this can be sorted out, or if we're going to lose the series over what amounts to a data entry error.

Yes, the life of a writer really is this perilous. (No, I'm not terribly frantic about this. Yet. There are a lot of ways this can break, and many of them might wind up proving beneficial to my career in the long run.)

In the mean time, what you can do--you know, if you are so moved--is if you want a copy of Ink & Steel, and you cannot find it at your local bookstore, write down the ISBN (978-0451462091), go in with it, and ask them to order that book. You might also point out that it's third in a series and there's a computer glitch at work, and thus the book is not being auto-ordered. If you felt like it, I mean.

I have the best job on Earth, baby.


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Why am I not shocked?

When SQ came out it was entered into Borders system wrong. The publication date was a year *before* I was born! I mean, I was a precocious child, but not by that much! But as a consequence the only Borders that ordered the book into the store was the one near me, where I knew the book buyer.
I hope they get it all straightened out for you. It would be most frustrating if not.

- D
FWIW, I picked up Ink and Steel at my local Canadian large chain last night.
That's pretty much what killed "Earthdoom" by Dave Langford and John Grant, the first time out of the gate -- a data entry error at the warehouse meant that the publisher's computer logged zero sales for it in the first month, and it was remaindered before anybody noticed the mistake.

(It also killed the sequel, "Guts", which was already written but not yet sold.)
if you mean Ingram, they do indeed have it, but they have it as 'Ink and Steel'.

If you don't mean Ingram, then you might still want to have your people mention it to them ;-)
Death by ampersand!
Alternatively perhaps the book has been placed on Homeland Security's no fly list because it got mistaken for another book with a similar name.
For what it's worth, it's listed and available through the major online booksellers in Canada (and my copy arrived three days ago!).
Powell's not only has it on line, it's on the shelf at the downtown store.

Yay Powell's (I bought mine online!)
Do you have the magic number of the next one too, that we might ask for it in advance?

*huggle* I hope you're having at least SOME fun?
From Amazon:

Hell and Earth: A Novel of the Promethean Age (Paperback)
by Elizabeth Bear (Author)
# Paperback: 432 pages
# Publisher: Roc Trade (August 5, 2008)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0451462181
# ISBN-13: 978-0451462183
I had that problem today, actually. I went to Waldenbooks armed with a 30% off coupon and, when it wasn't on the shelves, went to order it, except they couldn't find it in their systems by the title or your name. Cale (employee) had to go online and find the ISBN, and then used it to find and order the book.
You are mighty! Thank you for your persistence.


I know Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego has it. But then, MG is an indy store and they have taste.

This might actually be worth shopping at the chain stores for, though. Just to help fix the glitch.

I'm new to lj and have verra few readers but have posted about this here, just in case it'll help.

Re: Gah.

Er, posted here too:


Someone on that thread is having trouble getting to the book on Amazon without putting quotes around the title. Which is odd, because I get it as first hit when I type in either Ink and Steel or Ink & Steel.
Bought it successfully at the local Borders, which was a pleasant surprise since their sf+f shelves have been annoying lately. But they had several copies, even if they were the only ones of your books they had. (Apparently someone there has decided to primarily stock new releases in sf+f--the only Bujold book, frex, was Passage.)
Thank you for signing my copy at Readercon, yesterday! I did show it to Mr. Smith, bookseller, and he typed away at his computer, so hopefully that will help. (He was a little reluctant to give it back, but I told him he couldn't have it until I'd finished it. Which I did last night. Very impressed.)

FWIW, I pre-ordered my copy from B&N a month or so ago, along with the next two you've got coming out this year.
Ugh. :( I'm sorry.

A similar thing happened with our latest CD release. I think it's *still* keeping the album off the shelves in Virgin Megastore.

I shall have to seek and find. (For the record, I'm halfway through Blood & Iron and can't wait for more... :)
i bought a copy at the local borders a few weeks ago.
tonight there was only one MMP of Blood and Iron, nothing else, nothing in the Trades..
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