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Well, now, isn't that interesting....

Various conversations around the con, with booksellers and others, and a little online detective work have led me to believe that the reason that Ink & Steel isn't (a) appearing on bookstore shelves and (b) selling in reasonable quantities, despite fabulous reviews, is that it's not in the order system at a certain major industry distributor under my name or the title, though it can be located by ISBN.

So, I guess Monday we get to see if this can be sorted out, or if we're going to lose the series over what amounts to a data entry error.

Yes, the life of a writer really is this perilous. (No, I'm not terribly frantic about this. Yet. There are a lot of ways this can break, and many of them might wind up proving beneficial to my career in the long run.)

In the mean time, what you can do--you know, if you are so moved--is if you want a copy of Ink & Steel, and you cannot find it at your local bookstore, write down the ISBN (978-0451462091), go in with it, and ask them to order that book. You might also point out that it's third in a series and there's a computer glitch at work, and thus the book is not being auto-ordered. If you felt like it, I mean.

I have the best job on Earth, baby.

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