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with a .44 strapped around her and a banjo on her knee

  • You've probably already seen this elsewhere, but, the new flagship internet presence of SFF's hippest-to-technology publisher, is live. It includes a gang blog by editors and others, short fiction by John Scalzi and Charles Stross (among others--eventually including yours truly). Total. Destination. Internets.
  • Speaking of destination internets, there's new Shadow Unit this morning. While you sleep, the web ghouls are working.
  • Also, if you haven't already, feel free to drop by the forums and join in the conversations. Many of them are good conversations.
  • I am home from Readercon, where a grand time as had. stillnotbored is on the road, home to her cats. stillsostrange and truepenny are still sacked out, but I must start shaking people out of bed shortly because truepenny's flight leaves before lunchtime. Every flat surface in this tiny apartment was covered with sleeping monkeys last night. The Presumptuous Cat approves.
  • After truepenny leaves, stillsostrange and I might go see a movie to kill time before her flight. I chauff! I am a chauffeur!
  • Speaking of the PC, she has been to visit grandma and the dogs, and survived to tell the tale.
  • The tiny lime tree in the kitchen has been divested of its ginormous limes, and seems much happier. Also, the limes were tasty. (Home-grown limes > supermarket limes.)
  • Tomorrow, I have to start acting like I work for a living again. I'm actually looking forward to it, which is a good sign. Work! It beats the alternative!
  • God, it is good to be home. My back is looking forward to sleeping in its own bed tonight.


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