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December 2021



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timewaster central....

(Previous link redacted, as the poor eggs were getting overviewed!)

I am playing a silly game involving social networking and dragon eggs. Basically, the idea is for people to click on the images above, which helps keep the eggs and/or hatchlings warm and nourished until they can grow into adult dragons.

Yeah, I know. Humor me. *g*


It's addictive. There's an LJ comm where you can post for daily clicks: dragonspam, if you're interested.

(Hi, you don't know me but I read your blog; is that creepy? D:)
Not creepy at all. And thanks for the heads-up. *g*

Is there anywhere to look for information on where to play the game, or should I just fake it?
The forum has a FAQ; some of the items are forum-specific, but most apply to the site and the game as a whole: link.

And I clicked yours :) It's fun.
Thanks! I am reading the community now. Interesting!
"humors" These e-critters are utterly addictive.
Lame comments about it taking a village to raise a dragon are probably not welcome, I figure.

I've clicked 'em all, and wish your clutch health and happiness!
No, it takes a dragon to raze a village.
You win the internets.
You clever thing! Hah. ((claps))

I wish I'd thought of that!

In other news: Virtual Tamagotchis take over the Internet!
OMG, that had me laughing. I needed that, thanks! So love the internet!
Me? No, not me. tamnonlinear is the funny one... :-)
I clicked for you. It looks like fun, but mine would probably perish from neglect.
Aren't you supposed to be writing books or something? Don't worry, I clicked on all four of them. May they grow up into Beautiful Dragons.
Whatever you say, Bear...
"Egg will DIE?"

AAGH! Must save eggs!

click click click click clickety clickety click click
It's newer!

Save a fellow LJer from insanity?

My writing partner melissima tells me the reason for the earworm which has been rotting my brain (so bad I've passed Pamela Anderson and am heading in a Nine Inch Nails worthy downward spiral towards Britney Spears) is because you posted a video of Heart doing 'Crazy On You' a while back and it apparently stuck to me like an old school bandaid. I personally did not believe you could inflict such a thing, so I went looking through your archive. (/blinks/ *50* posts per page?) I couldn't find it on word searches (heart, crazy) so I need help. I mean your tags, while delightful and entertaining, are unsurprisingly ineffectual for actual research on this topic.

So if you did indeed post such a thing please help me exorcise the demon (Dean Winchester optional, but I'll take him if you've got one!) and get my brain back so I can go back to outlining the sequel to my recently finished first novel without Heart headbanging in my head. A single link to the post is all I require so I can listen to the song for real. At least I hope that will do the trick. /minor panic/

If you didn't post it, and she's mistaken, then you have my utmost apologies and I shall have to write some Reid spelling bee fic or something to make up for this egregious error.

And yes, if you didn't figure it out yet, I am SO not a Heart fan. /shudder/

Save me? Please?

At this rate singing Disneyland's It's a Small World might be preferable and everyone knows where that can lead...

Re: Save a fellow LJer from insanity?

Here's an awesome version on youtube, regardless of whether Bear posted it before:

Nancy rocks it out on her ovation acoustic...woo, Heart!

If you want a fresh earworm, here they are doing Zep's "Battle of Evermore:"

Re: Save a fellow LJer from insanity?

I don't think I've posted *any* videos in the recent past. Unless it was my evil twin, I'm no help.


Re: Save a fellow LJer from insanity?


Apparently just writing about having an earworm calmed it down a fair amount so perhaps seeking to expel it via the post was enough to at least give it a 3 day notice to vacate. /grins/

But now I've got Reid spelling bee fic bouncing around my head... ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to respond!
The one you did a while back with the mutating flowers had me going for a couple of days. Straight. In fact I think I spent 24 hours solid at one point.

Those were cool.
Those were cooler than the dragons. Mostly, the fun here seems to be playing trading cards with them to get sets.