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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

Re: Book sale paypal payments...

Guys, when you send money, you really do need to put your identifying information and what book/s you ordered in the comment field, or (unless I can figure it out from the amount) I have no way of knowing who you are!!!



Sorry I forgot about that. It's all from me! ;-)
whups. Email sent w/ paypal transaction number and stuff.
You I got. *g* S'okay.

There are just two I have no idea who they are right now, and they both bought one MMPB and have no answered my email for clarification yet....

Well, and one person who apparently just sent money without asking for any books....
Whee! Free money!

I have to remember to ask stillsostrange to put a PayPal button on my new site so that people can send me some of that in the easiest possible fashion. :)
I get that occasionally on bass orders.. USually just a check or MO in an envelope with no letter.. And the guy's mother Shielia Happenstance wrote the check for her boy Clyde P. Wrainsworthy, who i only know from his log-in Bbbbbadddasssbbbasssplayer.

Happens more often than you might think.

we're sorting it, though....
Woops! I'm Elizabeth Donald, I ordered the hardcover first of NEW AMSTERDAM. Sorry! :) My shipping address is not a secret, since it's on my web site: P.O. Box 741, Edwardsville, IL 62025.

Okay, phew.

You did send me $6.00 too much, however. I can either refund the difference or toss in some other kin of goodie to make it up.
I did? Hey, if you've got goodies, I'll take 'em. :)
Sorry, again! I swear, I typed it up all lovely in the subject, of the comment field, but not in the body ... and then the comment subject didn't actually get appended. Just the field. I should've looked closer. (This is very un-hip of me but that's the first time I've ever used paypal.)
Sorry not to mention the book title; but Pamela didn't give me the title of the book either when she asked me to send the payment. I'm hoping that mentioning her name was enough to match up lj discussion with the payment; if not we'll figure it out.
Oh, yeah, totally. I got yours. *g*

It was just that there were two or three that did not have any points of reference at all.
Hey, i want an "Elizabeth Bear For Deity" Ball cap.