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bear by san

March 2017



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writing genocide


I bring you Recorded Books versions of Carnival (available now) and Undertow (coming the day after my birthday. What a fine present!).

Dust will be along eventually, or so I hear, since I just had a phone call with a lovely man yesterday about the pronunciations of the names in the book.

Looking back at my to-do list (previous post) it occurs to me that the whole point of getting the dratted deadline for Chill moved (it looks now as if it will be published for Fall 2009, so never fear; it is not being pushed back a full year) was so I could take some time off from novels and let my brain regrow.

Yes, Bear. Your inner compulsive workaholic is fooling you again. Take a chill pill and actually let the fallow period be, yanno, kind of fallow. Writing is a self-exhaustive act, and you need to remember that you can't go full-bore all the time.

...besides, there are all these short things I need to finish, and I should finish them.




Ms. Bear, I know this isn't relevant to the current topic, but my husband Joe and I wanted to thank you for your wonderful Dust discussion, the reading, and the small group meeting at ReaderCon this past weekend. It was truly a pleasure to meet you. I was the one who was halfway through Dust at the time. Well, I've finished it now, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Lisa Iriarte

Re: ReaderCon

Aw. Thank you so much! I enjoyed meeting bot hof you, also.!
So, which of your books to you recommend to someone to read first who hasn't read any of your books? I've been meaning to try one since meeting and I need to get a book or two for an upcoming trip.
They're all very different. What do you like?
I'm going to be on a road trip with family, so probably something more light and upbeat. Funny would be good as well, if you do that.
...May I recommend Charlaine Harris?


Seriously, I suspect I am not the author for you, at this juncture.
Ok, I'll get one of your books *after* the trip then. It's just going to be a stressfull family obligation thing and I need something light for a diversion.

Thanks much.
Probablya good idea.

if I did diverting, I would make more money, I suspect.


There's an idea.
"Writing is a self-exhaustive act"

Science proves it!


What's funny is that this is news. Why do we freely admit that there are concrete physiological costs for, say, running a marathon or lifting weights, but never acknowledge the same for thought? Do we see thought as immaterial? Do we still unconsciously believe in dualism?

...that's so cool.
Audio books! Wheeeeeee! Happy birthday :)