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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology animal deadlines

I lived!

And, I think, revisions done. After a couple of long stern grovels through the prose, and some making the plot make sense, it's become a story I am actually quite proud of.

...and now I get to have a beer and watch the telly.

P.S. still in love with the new computer. I'm reasonably certain it makes me write better. Like new sneakers make you run better, you know? You know!

...YOU DON'T KNOW? Oh, I'm sorry.


I'm currently considering whether a new computer would make me better at editing photos. So your results suggest that it might? I'll tell Pamela :-).

Sure! Expensive tools always make you better at whatever!
Let's not even *mention* *expensive* tools; the Nikon D700 body is shipping *and* the new SB-900 flash is out.
*makes with the silence*
And new swords make you slice better!

It's like . . . magic!

Yay on the revisions. :-) Need. More. Readz.
Iz trufax! How do you think I defeated the dissbeast?
Weird, ET. Did you know I bought a Dell D600 laptop two weeks ago? For pretty much the same workhorse idea you mentioned in an earlier post?

We are still evil twins!
No new gronkulators, or sneakers, but did see "Hell and Earth" at Borders today..

Too bad i ordered it from Amazon a few hours before.
First sighting in the wild! Yay!
First REPORTED sighting. I have seen both Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth at the Ames Public Library, ISU Parks Library, Borders, Hastings and, interestingly, the combo Hallmark Knockoff Card shop/Bookstore/Coffee shop back home in Deepest Darkest Iowegia. They's out there, Bear. I just need to buy my copies.
Hee. Well, if they're not reported.... they're like sasquatches, really.
nice cover, but the one for Ink And Steel appeals to me more, for some reason. Don't matter.
Have you seen THIS? Undertow made it on (what looks like) a nifty list of Top Really Nifty Opening Sentences In (Modern?) Science Fiction. I haven't read through all of them - everything listed prior has been written fairly recently, in the SF scheme of things.
I did, thank you. *g*
you may have to apply to the Warhol Foundation for another 15 minutes of Fame. Two with luck
"I'm reasonably certain it makes me write better."

The songwriter and I refer to that as "bribing the muse" :-)

Of course, my bribe is usually a new notepad. His is a new guitar. Sigh. There's no equity in art.