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"Decapitation hazard, everybody!"

A confession: Father, I have sinned.

The last time I read a Pat Cadigan story was in 2005, and it was a reprint. I can't actually remember the last time I read a short story by Kristine Katherine Rusch, Robert Silverberg, or Gregory Benford.

(DISCLAIMER: I went climbing outdoors today--and, despite the trembling in my limbs, because climbing outdoors is terrifying, I sent two 5.2 and a 5.6--and I am currently consuming my second vodka martini, and dinner was English muffins with PB&J, so please issue me the Warren Ellis exclusion for anything here commented, as it may be typed under the influence of (a) booze or (b) a Mythbusters marathon.

ALSO: ETA: in this post, I'm specifically talking about short fiction, and I'm speaking of and as a writer of short fiction engaged in a conversation with other short fiction, not as a consumer of same.)

Anyway, I had an epiphany while reading the ToC of the 2007 Year's Best Science Fiction. Which basically amounted to-- "oh."

We don't read them. And they don't read us.

Well, really. I wonder when the last time was that Bob Silverberg read a story by Benjamin Rosenbaum, David Moles, or Yoon Ha Lee?

See, I'm thinking I'm on to something here. There's a generation gap in SFF; we're having different conversations, the Greatest Generation, the Baby Boomers, and Generation X. And as the Millennials (really, guys, this Gen Y thing has to stop: grant the kids their own identity) enter the genre, they too will be having their own argument.

And some of that argument is reflected in how we talk about things. As an illustrative but nonexclusive example: for the oldest generation of SFF writers still producing, it was edgy to talk about gender at all. For the Boomers, it was edgy to put girls in the roles traditionally assigned to boys. For my generation it's edgy to put boys in girls' roles, but that's a game that results in critical and reader huh?!, at least so far.

For the Millennials? Gender roles are so 1999, baby. Get over it.

[19:16] matociquala: I love Mythbusters.
[19:16] matociquala: Adam to 15th-dan ninjitsu blackbelt: "Would you come back to the lab and do some of this on high speed camera?"
[19:16] matociquala: 15th-dan ninjitsu blackbelt: "Oh, yeah, be glad to."
[19:17] leahbobet: they have ninjas.
[19:17] matociquala: Adam has a better job than I do.
[19:17] matociquala: Yes
[19:17] leahbobet: I want ninjas.
[19:17] matociquala: They are testing ninja myths
[19:17] leahbobet: are there pirates?
[19:18] matociquala: They did pirates another time.
[19:18] leahbobet: no, for Pirates vs. Ninjas.
[19:18] leahbobet: you can tell who would actually win.
[19:18] matociquala: maybe in season 14
[19:19] matociquala: Grant Imihara: "Decapitation hazard, everybody!"
[19:19] leahbobet: better job than mine.
[19:20] matociquala: Mythbusters have a really good job.
[19:20] matociquala: And I have the best job in the world.
[19:20] leahbobet: mine would be better if it was "Writer and part-time Mythbuster".
[19:21] matociquala: writer and part-time ninja!


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