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Not much by way of a post today, I'm afraid, as I spent the morning cleaning my living room, the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen, the time between talking to the wonderful Ron from Galley Cat, and am just now sitting down with a bowl of veggie soup and some leftover chicken to start work on Bone & Jewel Creatures, which I would like to, you know, have a second draft of sometime soonish. This is exciting, though, because this is the pass where I get to make it shiny and put in froofraws and self-indulgent bits galore. Because I've decided that I am going to write the most self-indulgent collection of cool bits ever, and you can't stop me!

In desperation last night on the way home from Fall River, I stopped and ate half a Bugger Thing. How do people stand that stuff? Wow. Disgusting. Next time, I think I'll hold out for the little diner called EAT.


Shadow Unit summer hiatus extra #9, "Two Handed Grip"

netcurmudgeon and I have a pretty good end....

A Subterranean Press coumn on my dirty little secrets...
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