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the sun is slowly setting on the golden age

[08:05] jmeadows: maybe I should shower and see if this book wants to tell me what it wants to do
[08:05] jmeadows: :|
[08:14] matociquala: hee
[08:14] matociquala: foolish withholding book.
[08:14] matociquala: I should shower and eat, I mean feed, this cat
[08:21] jmeadows: aw, kitty
[08:21] jmeadows: the shower failed me
[08:21] jmeadows: and did not reveal the book
[08:22] jmeadows: but did reveal a wad of hair stuck in the drain
[08:22] jmeadows: urk
[08:28] matociquala: URK!
[08:28] matociquala: The internets, however, save me.
[08:28] matociquala: Because I can order my mailers from Office Despot online and get free delivery tomorrow.
[08:28] matociquala: And so the ranch was saved.
[08:29] jmeadows: yay internets!
[08:48] matociquala: Okay, now that the ranch is saved, I can wash my hair and put on pants.
[08:59] jmeadows: *returns*
[09:02] matociquala: clean!
[09:03] jmeadows: yay!
[09:03] matociquala: shiny!
[09:03] jmeadows: did your shower tell you my plot?
[09:03] matociquala: Um.
[09:04] matociquala: Is your plot girl meets seahorse scrubbie, they have wacky adventures with rubber ducky?
[09:04] jmeadows: hm, not as far as I know
[09:04] matociquala: Then it must have told me stillsostrange's plot. *g*
[09:05] jmeadows: heee
[09:05] matociquala: I figured out part of my Chill plot last night in the car, though. So go me.
[09:05] jmeadows: yes, that sounds like stillsostrange's plot :D
[09:05] jmeadows: oooh! yay!
[09:05] matociquala: Because right now it's just a series of unfortunate events, and it needs to be a plot.
[09:05] jmeadows: *nod*
[09:05] jmeadows: when do you have to start writing it again?
[09:05] matociquala: Aaand I need to put pants on and braid my hair and switch to the laptop and get some Work done.
[09:05] matociquala: Um.
[09:06] matociquala: Sometime after Viable Paradise.
[09:06] matociquala: I have a bunch of short stuff to do now.
[09:06] jmeadows: (that's what always bothered me about the title of that lemony snicket book, aside from anything named lemony snicket -- a series of unfortunate events isn't plot.)
[09:06] jmeadows: *nod*
[09:06] matociquala: And I might start rewriting The Sea thy Mistress if I have time.
[09:06] jmeadows: *laffs* yes, if you have time o.o
[09:06] matociquala: Because I know what happens in that, I just have to write the grownup version, and not the This Is My Second Novel Now With Angst! version.
[09:07] jmeadows: *nod*
[09:08] matociquala: See, I figured out that if Tristen knows about The Thing In The Basement and isn't telling anyone, that's tension, and tension is like plot.
[09:09] matociquala: And Tristen might know about TTITB, because he's old.
[09:09] matociquala: And that gives him something to think about besides Widower Angst
[09:09] jmeadows: new angst is good
[09:09] matociquala: Because right now all the book has is Widower Angst and Divorce Angst and Bad Breakup Angst
[09:09] matociquala: Bear, your issues are showing. *g*
[09:10] jmeadows: *offers paint*
[09:10] matociquala: Hee.
[09:10] matociquala: *paints it over with Abusive Parent Angst*
[09:10] matociquala: *adds a nice contrasting trim*
[09:10] jmeadows: this just gets more and more fun! :P
[09:11] matociquala: What do you think about something in a Valiant But Inevitably Futile Death?
[09:11] matociquala: Or should I save that for the drapes?
[09:11] jmeadows: drapes, definitely
[09:12] jmeadows: Why not try the floor with Missed Opportunities?
[09:12] matociquala: Oh, that'll tie it to the kitchen.
[09:12] matociquala: Score!
[09:12] jmeadows: and the kitchen is...?
[09:12] matociquala: Mostly What Could Have Been.
[09:13] jmeadows: ooh, that's perfect
[09:13] matociquala: With the counters in Deep Regrets.
[09:13] matociquala: *rearranges the deck chairs*
[09:13] matociquala: Pay no attention to that iceberg behind the curtain. I mean drapes.

Okay, gotta work now.
Tags: displacement activity, jacob's ladder, the writer at work

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