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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust rengeek shakespeare

that old crow is gonna rise up soon and peck out the eyes of the moon

And while we're on the subject of Chill, look! Cover art!

(clicky thumbnail for bigger version)

My current plan is for August and early September to be time to put these lingering pieces of short fiction out of their misery. Then if I have time before Viable Paradise, I'm going to start figuring out what I need to do to rewrite The Sea thy Mistress--at least the planning stages, and maybe even some of the work. After VP, starting in October... Chill is going down. I really need for that book to be part of my past rather than part of my future, if you know what I mean. It's been part of my future for entirely too long.

The part about putting the short fiction out of its misery is actually going pretty well, currently. I'm on page 73 of the first revision pass of Bone & Jewel Creatures (total length of the novella is currently 99 pages) and it's much, much better than I remembered it being. I still have to figure out how the Thrilling Conclusion! works, and I want to go back over it and put on some more gingerbread, maybe (though maybe it has enough gingerbread; I will need to send it to some people and ask)... but I'm really pretty pleased with it. It's quirky and elegaic and the characters are nicely inhuman, the way you would expect elderly and cosmopolitan Wizards to be.

Hmm. You know, it's possible that I'm better at this writing thing than I think I am.

Okay, food now and then back to the coal mines before climbing.


I do sometimes judge a book by its cover, and that is one sweet looking book. I'm very much looking forward to it.
Something about our stupid firewall at work: no pics! I can't see the cover art until later! I'm also overwhelmed by exclamation points!

I gave Montreal Blood & Iron last night.

Oh! I forgot, speaking of which...Puppy and his bass player have put "Blood & Iron" on their short list of BAND names. For their rock band. Puppy wanted me to see what you think of that.
I think that's awesome.

He should know it's a Bismark reference, though, and has somewhat uncomfortable connotations.
Oh. yeah, I should maybe do some educating.

They are trying to sound edgy AND emo without sounding either silly or pretentious. Or overwrought. It has been a Thing of Epic Proportions, this band naming business.
Sweet cover! Though I have to admit that my naive side is more than a little distressed that they have a cover already despite the book being only half finished...
What, you thought cover art had anything to do with book content?
My naive side likes to dream sometimes.
Oooh, pretty. Is that a Timothy Lantz cover?
Paul Youll, I would guess. He did the first book. (And seven other of my covers.)
ooh, very pretty cover! :)
Preeeety! (And eerily, the model reminds me strongly of a young woman who's a good friend of my kidunit.)
cover is... shinies!
Aww, now that's just teasing! ;) At first I was all "Woah, dude, cover art. I can't believe Chill is out this quickly. Did I miss something?"

Then I read the paragraphs below. It was like I had 99 red balloons of happiness and they all deflated. And there wasn't even a chirpy 80's pop song, either.

I just finished Dust a few weeks ago and now I that I'm waiting for Chill I kinda feel like a little kid in a car going "Is it out yet, is it out yet, is it out yet?"

You know, it's possible that I'm better at this writing thing than I think I am.

Sure. It's possible. In the way that it is possible that the sky is blue and grass is green. Which is to say: it's sort of a fact.

Sometimes, I think you may not give yourself the credit you deserve. I mean, you have a plethora of books out (yes, you're now a plethora-level author!) and they're all good. I mean, levels of goodness may vary, but they're all damn good novels.

Some authors never write anything good (and yet managed to get published).
Aw, thank you.
Hmm. You know, it's possible that I'm better at this writing thing than I think I am.

As I have always thought ever since I've known you. :)
Wow. That's very pretty cover art.
That's a beautiful thing. There are covers that, put on book 2, will make me pick up both 1 & 2 at the same time, and that is one.

If I hadn't already fallen for Dust, anyway. And decided right then that Chill was a must-have. But, you know, very striking cover and magpie reactions. SHINY!
*taps at screen where book image is*
Wow! That cover art is...Chilling. *Muttley-like wheezing laugh* (: