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bear by san

March 2017



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metal heart, you're not hiding

Well, alas, I stank on ice climbing this week, and last night brought with it a lovely bout of insomnia, so I didn't exactly get up to go for a run this morning. I think, given my general air of physical ineptitude for the past few days, that I will take next week off from climbing--easy to justify, as my climbing partners are at a caving event most of the week--and just try to run and do archery and yoga. And yeah, crazy funhouse world in which running and yoga count as giving the meatpuppet a break, but I remember this from my kickboxing days: there's exercise and there's exercise.

And I was 29 then, and my yoga instructor back in those days was an 80-pound triathlete.

If I'm having plummetty mood problems, I reseve the right to go boulder a bit and see if that helps, but otherwise, the meatpuppet can take this opportunity to work on fixing the tendons in its left elbow, right? Which reminds me, time for More Ice.

Also, a break might help the toenail I knocked off finish growing back without growing into the toe, because you know? Running and climbing, both hard on the toenails. Though I don't want to lose the progress I've made, either running or climbing. Three miles, here I come. Also, I'm nearly to Lothlorien, which is a bit of encouragement all in its own.

I'd claim today as a Day Off Work, except I plan to do Administrative Stuff (hopefully those envelopes will show up today) and do some reading for truepenny. Also, I want to look at a poem I started on Sunday, one involving the ears of horses, because apparently after a hiatus of approximately ten years, I am a poet again. How weird is that? I suspect my brain needed those muscles for learning to write narrative in the meantime, and it's only now giving them back.

We're modifying our PLoM efforts, the meatpuppet and me, to include some calorie restriction, and preliminary results are that, although we're feeling a bit sharp-set, the current diet seems sustainable as long as the farmer's market produce and tinned soup holds out. (And you know, we get a couple of meals a week where we can eat anything we want. Also, at my size and build and level of activity, calorie restriction is somewhere between 1500-2200 calories a day, depending on where in the cycle we are, so we're not exactly talking starvation diet.) Come on, meatpuppet. Every pound of stored energy you burn is a pound you do not have to haul up those sodding overhangs! Think how nice that will feel! P.S., eat your soybeans, they're good for you.


Well, alas, I stank on ice climbing this week,

On first read, I thought to myself "where the hell is she doing ice climbing in late July -- is she in the Alps or something?"

Oh, I'm so glad it wasn't just me. I was thinking: man, ice climbing's hardcore ...
LOL you call that a week off. ;) It probably would be good to give your elbow and toe a little bit of a break.

My daughter climbed a level 2 a couple of weeks ago. Of course she is 9 and does not get to go climbing as often as you do. But I am proud of her for it. :)
I have a little bit of tendinitis going on, is all. And it doesn't actually affect the climbing, because it doesn't affect my strength at all. It just aches when I pick up a heavy thing.

Woo for cross-training. *g*
::spits water all over keyboard:: I just now understood the icon for this post. (Yeah, I'm slow on the uptake, I know!)
'Hell and Earth' arrived today! Huzza!
I read "P.S., eat your soybeans, they're good for you." and said "EWW!" out loud. I eat things that eat soybeans. I do not eat soybeans.
But there is edamame! The only ultra-salty compulsive-eating snack food that can be rationalized as healthy!
I'm a hillbilly girl recently uprooted and tossed into New England. I've never even heard of edamame. o_O
Basically: baby soybeans boiled very quickly in their pods with salt. They are bright green and you eat them by popping them out of the pod into your mouth.

Traditional Japanese bar food, and (IMHO, YMMV, etc.) they make compulsive snacking in much the same way that peanuts and pretzels can.

(I speak as someone who generally can't stand tofu or soy products, despite my best efforts. But I love edamame.)
Edamame is love. Nomnomnom.
What's the rock-climbing cal burn rate? I'm sure somewhere in the realm of hi-impact aerobics or martial arts... 800-1200 cal/hr?
Somewhere around there. Thing is, there's a lot of down time.
Right, I'm assuming engaging in the activity itself --- which is also a stremf (yes, I said stremf! What you goan do 'bout it?) builder.

I honestly wouldn't have doubted if you quoted higher..I mean, what muscles doesn't it engage?
FWIW, Harvard gives figures of 660 cal/hour for a 125 pound person and 976 cal/hour for a 185 pound person. But that's specifically for ascending.

Even with bouldering, where you're not belaying other people, there's a fair amount of "logging flight time," not to mention the time-honoured practice of standing at the bottom of a problem glaring at it.
That seems awfully high to me; last I heard Nordic skiing is 800 cal/hr (on top of your basal metabolic rate) and not much beats that. But as Bear said, in climbing, first you climb, which does burn a lot, then you rest or belay someone else for a while. You do get more of a workout at an indoor gym than on a cliff, because you don't spend time setting up.
...and that Nordic Trac number assumes a certain maintainable speed I'm sure---which most people using the trac are probably not in shape enough to get that calorie burn.

Properly advertised: if you are an Olympian level athlete please enjoy 800cal/hr, if not here's 30 cal/hr for you. Safer to walk or ride the bus bub.
I'm actually surprised your calorie level ever needs to get as low as 1500 a day. I've never counted calories religiously, but I took a stab at it a few times for reference and my maintenance level when active seems to be 1800-2000 kcal - and you're a lot bigger than I am and my day job is pretty sedentary.
I'm not trying to maintain, right now. I'm trying to drop weight.

I'm maintaining a little too well.
Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant that if I maintain at those levels, I'd expect you to lose weight there. 1500 seems pretty low unless you're not moving much that day.
apparently not.