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grog want *tea*, dammit.

via BoingBoing:

"At the Science Fiction Message Board we are gearing up for one of the busiest times of our year - our fourth annual Author August! Each Author August we celebrate a different sf writer every day, with reviews, reminiscences, cover scans, and general comments. This is a post-a-thon open to all who wish to contribute, anything you wish to post about the author of the day, we want to have! And boy, have we got a strong roster of authors past and present for you this year:

 8/1 Arthur C. Clarke
8/2 Vernor Vinge
8/3 Vonda McIntyre
8/4 Robert A. Heinlein
8/5 Roger Zelazny
8/6 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
8/7 Lloyd Biggle Jr.
8/8 Elizabeth Bear
8/9 Elizabeth Moon
8/10 Edgar Rice Burroughs
8/11 H. Beam Piper
8/12 Keith Laumer
8/13 Joan D. Vinge
8/14 J.T. McIntosh
8/15 Katherine MacLean
8/16 Bruce Sterling
8/17 William Gibson
8/18 Pat Cadigan
8/19 Ursula K. Le Guin
8/20 Storm Constantine
8/21 Rosel George Brown
8/22 Ray Bradbury
8/23 Caitlin Kiernan
8/24 Tanith Lee
8/25 Peter F. Hamilton
8/26 Stanislaw Lem
8/27 Neil Gaiman
8/28 Zenna Henderson
8/29 Michael Moorcock
8/30 Jules Verne
8/31 Iain M. Banks

So, while as usual you are welcome to drop in at anytime, browse around, and add your comments to any of our threads, we'dbe delighted if you'd join us on as many days as you can during August to celebrate the life and works of that particular day's author, from founding father of sf Jules Verne to master storyteller Edgar Rice Burroughs, SF grandmaster Michael Moorcock to mistress of cyberpunk Pat Cadigan, plus a number of comparatively new names, unjustly neglected silver age stalwarts, and many more!

Join Us in the
Author Central forum to post about the author of the day!

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