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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

link salad: your reading assignments for tonight

1) Franz Kafka's pr0n

2) Warren Ellis on the seemingly moribund SFF print magazine marketplace.

2.5) John Klima asks who's reading short fiction, anyway? (I have a theory. I think SFF short fiction is turning into a club scene, hothouse, by writers for writers. I think it serves an important purpose as that club scene. But I'm not sure how many non-writer readers it attracts anymore. This is the film festival stuff.)

3) Lis Riba on feminist perspectives on Mamma Mia! and the Female Gaze.

4) Emma Bull on Scenic (and stubborn) Horses.

5) My Clarkesworld story "Orm the Beautiful" is nominated for a WSFA Small Press Award, along with stories by Jeff VanderMeer, Erik Amundsen, Tom Doyle, John Kratman, and Ken Pick and Alan Loewen. "The winner is chosen by the members of the Washington Science Fiction Association (www.wsfa.org) and will be presented at their annual convention, Capclave (www.capclave.org), held this year on October 17-19 in Rockville, Maryland. "


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Loved your piece in the SPECTRA mag I got at Comicon!
Thank you!

I loved writing that. *g* I don't get to do criticism much any more.
You have seen this, yes?
Yes!!! A thing of beauty.
Congrats on the nomination!

*raises hand*

I am not a writer, to the extent that my entire head chokes up and then I go for a drink when I try.

I love short stories. I am slightly dense, tho, and am only recently learning of some of the non-Asimov's, non-F&SF outlets. So I'm not a really useful audience in terms of convincing publishers there's a market.

But I did spent $200 a couple months ago on anthologies!

Re: *raises hand*

You're hired!
I read short stories. I like short stories. I'm not a writer.
Do you read Strange Horizons? Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet? Electric Velocipede? Flytrap? Ideomancer? Lone Star Stories?
What a strange article on Kafka's porn stash.

1. Why is this shocking? Is there a man anywhere whom, upon his death, we would not find a porn stash? Most women, too, I imagine.

2. "It was most definitely porn -- much of it was quite unpleasant . . . " wtf?
People don't like to think of Kafka writing porn.

He's so literary.

Think of all the work that's gone to expurgating Shakespeare.
I said before, short fiction is just like poetry, singer songwriting, competition music, (old Time, Bluegrass, Battle of Bands) and poetry slamming. The audience is composed of people waiting to get their turn on stage.

I suppose, on zero evidence, that the "literary" fiction market is the same, except that more people want to get on stage. This is rather sad.

Or is it good that so many people want to play?

I dunno. But even the hot rod scene is a bunch of people checking out the competition.

And cars are a lot more expensive than poems. But then they sell for more too, to people too rich and busy to build their own. But it is very rare that a custom car makes its cost back. Usual return is ten cents on the dollar.

Seems like the internets would have an answer, but i dunno. So many people don't allow themselves to actually do anything but criticize and troll people who actually manage to create, that it rarely seems worth the effort.

Novels are a little different. There is so little else to do on airplanes. ;-)
Thank you for the Mamma Mia link - the female gaze/power aspect is one of the main reasons why I watch "Damages." Looking forward to seeing Meryl on screen soon as well!

After reading The Metamorphosis, I'm surprised Kafka only had porn stashed away. I don't get how he got a "quasi-saintly image." In referencing CM, doesn't that book kind of point him towards being the type to have bodies locked away in the cellar or something?
congrats on your nomination!

...and I'm relieved to see that seeing Mamma Mia was a feminist act, not just yet another chance for me to see Colin Firth shirtless...
Hey, Colin Firth shirtless is a feminist act.
Here via vg_ford. Congratulations on your story nomination!

I was interested in what Warren Ellis and John Klima had to say, and in your thoughts about SFF short fiction as a club scene. I was wondering if that's not true of short fiction in general--I wonder what percentage of people reading the stories in the New Yorker are writers or aspiring writers, for instance.

How do you feel about the thought that SFF short fiction might be a club scene? I'm not sure I mind... I really like the community, I think, and if it's writing for itself, well, at least it seems to be writing for a lively and stimulating audience. But how do you feel about it? (If you don't mind my asking... I guess it's a big question for a comment and from a visitor...)
I think you don't get interesting new music without a vital and exciting club scene.

I'm not sure it's a bad thing.

They put their tights on one leg at a time, just like you.

Representing for central Connecticut!

Re: They put their tights on one leg at a time, just like you.

*g* Congrats!
2.5) Eye-opening point. I think you're damn near spot-on. (nothing more to add. good call.)
I read F&SF and Asimov's despite note being a writer or much of a short story fan (I like some of them, but I prefer novels) for sort of a heretical reason. I read them while exercising on a treadmill because it doesn't feel like it matters if I sweat on them, drop them, or otherwise do things that are likely to destroy them. I love books and have a difficult time destroying books by soaking them in mildly acidic liquid even if I bought them for that purpose. Magazines, with cheap newsprint paper, feel more inherently "disposable" in some sense, and it lets me get more SF reading in.

Ebooks would probably serve a similar purpose, but to date I haven't gotten an ebook reader that I'd feel comfortable exposing to that environment either. (I admit to not having done much looking yet.)

It's been an unexpected bonus. I'm not sure that I'd read much short fiction if it weren't for this, but it's helped a lot in staying in touch with the field and knowing authors to watch out for.
Okay, now I kinda wanna see Mamma Mia! I'm not sure what this says about me that it takes reading that it is so female-central (I mean, should that have been obvious to me? I am dumb...), but, yanno... How can I resist now that I know? ;D
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