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bear by san

March 2017



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once that you've decided on a killing, first you make a stone of your heart

As some of you know, we're releasing Shadow Unit under a Creative Commons license allowing for not-for-profit redistribution.

Well, one of the fans (arachnejericho) has taken us at our word, and bootlegged Season 1 for the Kindle or other Mobipocket-enabled reader.

That's right. There is now an unofficial ebook edition of Shadow Unit, season 1. So if you were putting off reading it until you could get it on your Kindle, you've just run out of excuses.


Too bad we can't bootleg a Kindle!
Alas. That is the issue here....
Bootleg Kindle?

But they do keep getting cheaper. And I suspect, when the new model comes out (rumor has it late October/November) you might find that the old model drops substantially in price, and/or that old users choose to sell off their current units, to supplment the cost of trading up.
Now that's an excellent thought. Let's hope!
Even before I'd heard about the rumored "2.0" version that may (or may not) be making a fall appearance this year, I figured the odds were good that the current model would be in the $300 range for this Christmas. They all ready dropped it by $40, from what I paid. I think with the supply issues now resolved, the only way left for that price to go, is further down. It's just a question of how much, and how soon.
Seems to work nicely with the mobipocket desktop reader, for the unkindled.
Problem is, time at the desktop is usually worktime. Reading time is away from the desk, and in comfort, not crouched before as small, aged screen.
I don't use mobipocket on my handheld, so can't speak for it there, for lounging on couch or bed mode.

If it works on one, should be cool on the other, though.
Yep--the problem is getting a handheld!
If you're comfortable with the smaller screen, you can get a refurb Palm M105 for less than $30. During my years of riding public transit, I did most of my reading on my Palm.
Looked into those. Problem is eye issues--the tiny screen makes reading physically taxing. Ah well, patience is a virtue, and Shadow Unit is not going to vanish!
Ah, well that would put you in the 'cheap pretty old laptop' category I suppose then as another possibility.
Yep--was all set to do that when the daughtermobile (200k miles and aging fast) needed a thousand bucks worth of work, so poof! But I apologize to the hostess for launching into this thread in her space.
Possibly less than $10 in the USA, too, maybe even with postage.

I got an M500 a few years ago, because you could put a 64MB SD card in there, which, with Plucker means 200-300 books.
Ebay. :)

If you just want a cheap one to do read the occasional Shadow Unit, as opposed to the flash $300+ variety.

Thank you for the data!
Cool. I sent the link to the only enkindled person of my acquaintance. She'll take my recommendation, but whether my goddaughter (who is three) will let her sit still long enough to read it is another matter entirely.
Coincidentally, I just installed Mobipocket Reader on my phone tonight, and a ton of books, for emergency backup. (I've got non-proprietary readers elsewhere, which I prefer.)

Of course I've already *read* season 1, but I could add it to the emergency reading stash, might be just the thing some day.