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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie black tie - sosostris2012

the do-you-listen-to-the-lyrics? edition

Poll #1234386 Pop Song Psychology

Ignoring for the moment that in pop songs, everybody's crazy.... if you had to say that one of these young women was more comfortable in her sexuality, and alert to ethical issues, would it be...

...the narrator of The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys LIke"?
the narrator of Garbage's "Queer"?

Ignoring for the moment that in pop songs, everybody's crazy.... which of these narrators has more extreme anger management issues?

the narrator of Veruca Salt's "Seether"
the narrator of Seether's "Remedy"

Ignoring for the moment that in pop songs, everybody's crazy.... which has the bigger drug problem?

the narrator of Veruca Salt's "Seether"
the narrator of Seether's "Remedy"

Which of these girls is dead?

John Hiatt, "Crossing Muddy Water"
Tom Petty, "American Girl"
Tom Waits, "How's it Gonna End?"




where is the button to click that sez "HUH?"
The appropriate thing to do in those cases is to skim on to the next entry on your flist....
As far as I know, I have never heard any of those songs... ;)
What? None of this is Irish Trad!!!
That's because it doesn't say Irish Trad psychology at the top of the page.

Thank you; drive through. ;-)
I think the only one of these songs that I have the slightest clue about is "I Know What Boys Like". I may have heard any of the others but if I have I couldn't identify them or tell you what they sound like, much less what the lyrics were.
(And I guess that makes 4.)
Good lord. I don't even listen to the radio and I know every song on here - and I'm almost 40. Pop culture is important, because, even if you don't like it, it's the only thing making you interesting at a party.
thank heavens you put that one with Tom Waits in there; the other three questions leave me scratching my head. :)
I had a kind of random shuffle epiphany with the Waitresses and Garbage this morning, and then I remembered that I had been thinking about the denial and dead girls in the Hiatt and Waits songs, and went looking for a couple more examples to talk about.

Man, that Waitresses song? That chick is fucked up. I think the girl in the Garbage song is damaged goods, but she's also much more aware of what's going on with both her and her partner, and she's not a sadist. Or nearly as horribly insecure. She's not unpersoning the other guy to prop up her own fragile self-image.

And yeah, all those girls are dead. *g*

I actually find Seether kind of an empowering song in some ways--it acknowledges female anger as a real thing, even if it dissociates it. Remedy, though. Hello, heroin addiction. *g*

Maybe the next iteration should be "Which of these songs are about drugs?"
Heh....I have heard all of these songs, but don't really recall any of the lyrics from them. And pulling up the written lyrics on the Web just isn't the same as hearing them in context, KWIM?

*Goes off to visit iTunes and do some downloading*
Hi! I definitely listen to lyrics; all the time, in fact. Every time I hear a new song I like, I immediately go look up the lyrics. (After all, if I'm going to annoy my friends by singing the song, best know what I'm singing.) Interesting mix of music, there.

Oh, speaking of! I picked up Whiskey and Water at the library yesterday, and was delighted to see the chapters were all song titles. Great songs, too. :)
*g* I couldn't resist....

I hope you like it.
I don't get why so many people said the "American Girl" is dead, as opposed to the one in "How's it Gonna End?" I mean, she sank into the lake. The American Girl just stood on a balcony being sad.
But what about the ticky?

Wow, this went to a TL;DR place really fast.

I had to, against my own feelings, vote for the Waitress' "I Know What Boys Like", because I'm not entirely sure that I think Garbage's "Queer" is even really about being confident in a sexual orientation (which is what I took you to mean "sexuality" as).

Plus, not to sound dumb, but the Garbage song is still a song sung by a female, ostensibly to a male (she says "boy" several times, IIRC).

I mean, it seems to almost use queer in the semi-archaic way as "strange" rather than GLBT. The song seems applicable to anyone who finds themselves with sexual tastes that run outside the heteronormative. Or just outside the normal in even a non-sexual sense.

I think the Waitress' song is more outwardly and boisterously confident, in both lyrics and music, but in the way someone who's had a few drinks and starts flashing people at Mardi Gras for beads is confident. It's over simplistic and has a surprisingly dark underbelly among the revelry, but it still shouts louder, so I had to vote for it.

Okay, I'll stop analyzing songs now.

Re: Wow, this went to a TL;DR place really fast.

"sexuality" is not "sexual orientation." I used the word I meant.
Not a single song there I've heard of. Artists yes, songs no.

=happily hums along w/ Weird Al=
Weird Al... Finally somebody i is heard of..
I do listen to lyrics, but I think your questions aren't so cut and dried as someone else pointed out.

I didn't know the Tom Petty song was about a girl jumping off a balcony and listening to the lyrics, it doesn't actually say she jumped.

I think good songs can be interpreted a lot of different ways.
Interesting poll...