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everything's better with bunyips

[14:11] jmeadows: *arranges for bunyip attack and drive-by shooting on the same night*
[14:14] matociquala: wooo.
[14:14] matociquala: bunyips for all.
[14:14] jmeadows: yay!
[14:14] matociquala: hmm, where did this lap cat come from?
[14:14] jmeadows: ooh, have you seen the bunyip video?
[14:14] matociquala: at least she vibrates.
[14:14] matociquala: nooo?
[14:14] jmeadows: (the song might save Amanda's earworm)
[14:15] jmeadows:
[14:21] matociquala: bunyip's going to get you!
[14:22] stillsostrange: I should possibly get out of bed
[14:22] leahbobet: this is creepy.
[14:22] leahbobet: Mostly because of the mix of seventies educational music and YOU WILL BE EATEN.
[14:22] jmeadows: yes :D
[14:22] matociquala: heee
[14:22] jmeadows: nom nom nom!
[14:22] matociquala: well, see?
[14:22] stillsostrange: Hey, still educational
[14:22] matociquala: It is educational.
[14:22] matociquala: come straight home or bunyip will eat you.
[14:22] leahbobet: I was just thinking that Australian educational videos must be much cooler overall.
[14:22] stillsostrange: And more practical than knowing what bills do on Capital Hill
[14:22] leahbobet: "These are the snakes I know I know, these are the snakes I know."
[14:23] jmeadows: hee
[14:23] matociquala: Do you suppose there are like Wendigo Identification Safety Vids?
[14:23] matociquala: I need to write that. *g*
[14:23] stillsostrange: That guy on the bus?
[14:23] jmeadows: (so you better come home quickly!)
[14:23] stillsostrange: Wendigo
[14:23] leahbobet: He was.
[14:23] matociquala: yeah
[14:24] matociquala: See, if only the guy sitting next to him had watched the videos.
[14:24] matociquala: Maybe this is my path to best-sellerdom.
[14:24] leahbobet: Are You My Wendigo?
[14:24] leahbobet: A useful how-to guide.
[14:24] matociquala: Coloring books.
[14:24] matociquala: Which One Is Officer Friendly?
[14:25] matociquala: Which One Is Wendigo?
[14:25] leahbobet: hee
[14:25] leahbobet: Where's Wendigo?
[14:25] matociquala: Where in Northern Ontario Is Carmen Cannibal?
[14:25] stillsostrange: If anyone next to you starts complaining about their burning feet of fire...
[14:25] stillsostrange: Run!
Tags: chatroom transcripts, monster field identification, the writer at work

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