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bear by san

March 2017



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writing whiskey devil

everything's better with bunyips

[14:11] jmeadows: *arranges for bunyip attack and drive-by shooting on the same night*
[14:14] matociquala: wooo.
[14:14] matociquala: bunyips for all.
[14:14] jmeadows: yay!
[14:14] matociquala: hmm, where did this lap cat come from?
[14:14] jmeadows: ooh, have you seen the bunyip video?
[14:14] matociquala: at least she vibrates.
[14:14] matociquala: nooo?
[14:14] jmeadows: (the song might save Amanda's earworm)
[14:15] jmeadows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtrYO-Mog60
[14:21] matociquala: bunyip's going to get you!
[14:22] stillsostrange: I should possibly get out of bed
[14:22] leahbobet: this is creepy.
[14:22] leahbobet: Mostly because of the mix of seventies educational music and YOU WILL BE EATEN.
[14:22] jmeadows: yes :D
[14:22] matociquala: heee
[14:22] jmeadows: nom nom nom!
[14:22] matociquala: well, see?
[14:22] stillsostrange: Hey, still educational
[14:22] matociquala: It is educational.
[14:22] matociquala: come straight home or bunyip will eat you.
[14:22] leahbobet: I was just thinking that Australian educational videos must be much cooler overall.
[14:22] stillsostrange: And more practical than knowing what bills do on Capital Hill
[14:22] leahbobet: "These are the snakes I know I know, these are the snakes I know."
[14:23] jmeadows: hee
[14:23] matociquala: Do you suppose there are like Wendigo Identification Safety Vids?
[14:23] matociquala: I need to write that. *g*
[14:23] stillsostrange: That guy on the bus?
[14:23] jmeadows: (so you better come home quickly!)
[14:23] stillsostrange: Wendigo
[14:23] leahbobet: He was.
[14:23] matociquala: yeah
[14:24] matociquala: See, if only the guy sitting next to him had watched the videos.
[14:24] matociquala: Maybe this is my path to best-sellerdom.
[14:24] leahbobet: Are You My Wendigo?
[14:24] leahbobet: A useful how-to guide.
[14:24] matociquala: Coloring books.
[14:24] matociquala: Which One Is Officer Friendly?
[14:25] matociquala: Which One Is Wendigo?
[14:25] leahbobet: hee
[14:25] leahbobet: Where's Wendigo?
[14:25] matociquala: Where in Northern Ontario Is Carmen Cannibal?
[14:25] stillsostrange: If anyone next to you starts complaining about their burning feet of fire...
[14:25] stillsostrange: Run!



This is a wireless keyboard and was away out of the reach of suddenly air-borne fluids. So there!
However, this does get A++ for effort.
True, but still, there is The One True Bunyip Song, from Dot and the Kangaroo. We brought a videocassette home from Australia when I was six, and it was scary as hell then; and now that I'm an adult, my 8-year-old won't watch that scene in the movie (and sobs uncontrollably at the end, but that's another matter).
(I have to confess that my favorite scene in that movie is where the two platypodes sing about how they'd rather be called by their scientific name, Orntithorhynchus paradoxus. That they've been O. anatinus since at least the 30s didn't seem to bother these duckbills...)
there is a link on that youtube page to a very good claymation version of "The Mysterious Stranger"

I invented an RPG for the UConn gamers called Bunyip, the premise being that you wake up as yourself with everyone else involved in the game in a strange place. One of you is the Bunyip and the Bunyip wants to kill you. It's actually been taken over and rewritten a few times.
So, Lis calls in from the other room.
"What's a bunyip?"
"It's an Australian monster that lives in bilabongs and kills people. Why, what's the context?"
"Bear's journal."
"Okay, so you know I'm right, then."

Then I started to wonder: why the HELL does freakin' Australia need a mythological monster? I mean, it's not like there's anything physical there that CAN'T kill you. Why do you need to add MORE?
There are a couple possibilities. The bunyip myth could have been built up around the sound of its scream, and Australia has a surprisingly large number of creatures that don't look like they're capable of producing the loud noises that they do (in other words, the aborigines said "hey, there's something producing monstrous screams at night, and none of these critters could possibly do that"). It could also be a mythological memory of some extinct megafauna - I think Diprotodon was a candidate (and Wikipedia seems to back me up).
We saw the bunyip display at the Field's mythic creatures exhibit yesterday, and thought of you.