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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Shadow Unit summer hiatus DVD extra #11 be live.



That's really neat, seeing Chaz through the eyes of someone he knows from non-WTF related things. Tasha, I now approve of you lots.

Also, I'm so happy to be reading his LJ from the present time/future, because I might hexplode if I weren't. Yikes. You really know how to keep the tension going, even in the denouement. Well done. *applauds, with fingers whose mails are chewed to the quick*

Oh, ffs. *nails* are chewed. Duh.
Well, Chaz certainly approves of her. *g*

And thank you!
Confused now. This is Natasha, Chaz's recent ex-gf. Not Tasha, Daphne's fiancee and also Chaz's good friend. Right?

Edited at 2008-08-04 02:51 am (UTC)
Daphne's fiancee is Tricia.

That was discussed at some length in his blog a while back. *g* When Tricia was telling Chaz he couldn't date Tasha because of her name.
Ah. Thanks for clarifying; apparently I am not good at names.
(Plus in the blogs, Tricia is most often referred to as T. So I'm still an idiot but not a completely blithering one.)
It's really, really good.

AND I am developing suspicions about him, btw. SUSPICIONS.

:::glares....[wait for it]...suspiciously::::
Suspicions? *innocent* What sort of suspicions?

I mean, if you have Suspicions, you should share them on the BBS, to amuse the PTB so you can gloat when they turn out to be correct.
Well, I sort of started to do that when I first started having suspicions...

...and now they are growing...

....but I have to get caught up on some home things. I am putting things in place that should make me more organized and buy me evening internets time.
Oh, so what you're saying is that you're an unconscionable tease?
Oh, and btw, his last private entry? That's what pushed my suspicions out of nagging thought territory and into my front brain.
See? Tease.

BTW, your books are in the mail. ;-)
Neat icon. I just wish I knew where all the chicks are who dig geeks my age ...
Probably with all the geeks who dig mean rotten broads like me. *g*