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ink and steel and hell and earth. ink and steel and hell and earth, oh my!

Launch day!

It's a great day to buy a book. Or, you know, two.

It's publication day for Hell & Earth, which is of course the second half of the duology started in Ink & Steel. These are books 3 & 4 in the Promethean Age not-a-series, but in keeping with the theme of that series, they stand alone, and may be read alone. (And, actually, they happen four-hundred-odd years before the other two books, because I still suck at linear.)


(You can read about them here.)

(And click the thumbnails for bigger cover art. Yes, the Mebd is quite smug that she finally got a book cover.)

Publishers Weekly says, in part:

...Campbell-winner Bear proves again that she can fill a stage as well as any Elizabethan playwright, entwining tragedies of betrayal and blood-soaked revenge with country pastoral and domestic comedy.

Come on, doesn't that sound like fun? May I add: enchantments vile and beauteous, swordfights, bear-baiting, pratfalls, romance, espionage, durance vile, and sexy people in beautiful clothes! Blood, love, and rhetoric! Extremely dirty puns!

Also, a very snarky former angel with a complicated agenda.


55 miles to Lothlorien. This is harder without the wizard.
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