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i'll show you where the white fishes swim on the bottom of the sea

...okay, this is sovay's fault, with associate blame to leahbobet and stillsostrange.

A Demon Lover Muxtape.


1) She Wants Revenge - Sister

Well, really, this one is pretty obvious.

You'd better lie down, because the angels are listening.

2) Alice Cooper - Blue Turk

Taste like roses on your breath
But graveyards on your soul.

Alice, Alice. So bad. And yet so fine. The riff and baseline of this song make me want to go out and pick up inappropriate men in skeezy bars.

3) Janis Ian - Water Colors

He said come unto me. I am beauty I am flight.
Come unto me. Hold the darkness and stay the night.

Okay, he's a demon lover, but she's a seriously tough broad.

4) Jethro Tull - Sweet Dream

There were so many JT demon lover songs, it kind of killed me to pick just one. Kidnapped by fairies, film at 11.

You'll hear your voices calling to be mine again.
Live the rest of your life in a day.

5) Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes

Okay, this is only metaphorically a demon lover song. At least, I think it's only metaphorically a demon lover song. It's Andrew Bird; it's sometimes a little hard to tell what he's actually on about.

Okay, it's a mad scientist who thinks its a good idea to experiment on her boyfriend and see if she can turn him into a monster. I think. Anyway, it's close enough for me--

she's got red lipstick 
and a bright pair of shoes 
knee high socks 
for to cover a bruise
she's got an old death kit
she's been meaning to use....

6) Steeleye Span - Thomas the Rhymer

The original Demon Lover song.

For forty days and forty nights
They rode through red blood to the knee

7) Jann Arden - Could I Be Your Girl?

I listened to this one a lot while writing Hell and Earth. Go figure.

Love is a demon and you're the one he's coming for.
Oh, my lord.

8) Queensryche - London

I notice that rather a lot of my demon lover songs are from the point of view of the demon lover.

They cry remember blood red streaks on velvet throats at night

What? Vampires are a kind of demon lover.

9) The Cure - Like Cockatoos

Yeah, everybody's heard this one. So what?

"There are a thousand things" he said.
"I'll never say those things to you again."
And turning on his heel
He left a trace of bubbles
Bleeding in his stead.

10) Hannah Fury - Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off)

Are there any Hannah Fury songs that aren't about demon lovers?

The only thing that you will hear is scarlet satin hitting the ground
The gloves are off
Too bad you got soft
The gloves are off
Too bad you're so lost
Je suis en coeur
Je disparais
You are a blur as I walk away
So you love her? That little stain?
I'm out of here, but my words remain--

11) Jane Siberry - Temple

You call that hard?
You call this cruel?
Come on, come on, come on, let me into your temple.

...the priests don't stand a chance.

12.) Thea Gilmore - The Dirt is Your Lover Now

See, the thing about demon lovers, and their victims, is that they do leave survivors behind.

Gabardine roses.
Tortured vines.
Sun has been hiding all this time.
Thought that I'd see you
Again somehow.
But the dirt is your lover now. 

  • Neko Case - Dirty Knife (no room; already had some creepy girls; all my friends already know this song)
  • Cat Power - Werewolf (no room; already had some creepy girls)
  • Blue Oyster Cult - I Love The Night, oh and also that other really famous song of theirs. (everybody's heard this already)
  • Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting (everybody's heard this already)
  • David Bowie - Width of a Circle (too long, but really, if you want extended devilsmut, that's your song)
  • Joan Osborne - Man in the Long Black Coat (everybody's heard this already)
  • Sarah McLachlan - Angel, Possession, and about sixty others. (well-enough known that I didn't feel the need to unearth them)
  • Leonard Cohen - Light as the Breeze (ran out of room.)
  • Steeleye Span - All their other Demon Lover songs: The Demon Lover, Tam Lin, King Henry, Orfeo, etc. (could only fit one. and the live version of Tam Lin is eleven minutes long.)
  • Sting - Moon Over Bourbon Street (not going to surprise anybody with that.)
  • Jethro Tull - All their other Demon Lover songs: Kelpie, Witch's Promise, Velvet Green, etc. (I thought this one fit the theme best.)
  • Garbage - Queer (well, not technically a demon lover. But really, close enough for government work.)
  • Chris Smither - Lola (Okay, really, it's a bad woman blues. But what a bad woman.)
  • Jonathan Coulton - I Crush Everything, Skullcrusher Mountain, The Future Soon (all wonderful. all not quite demon lovers, but in on the same technicality that covers the Andrew Bird song. But you can hear them all at JC's website!)
  • Terri Gibbs - Somebody's Knocking. (oh, but here's the Youtube to make it up to you, because I can hear your cries of 80's cheese dismay from here.)
  • Six million versions of "The House-Carpenter." (too obvious.)

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