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December 2021



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sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)

too many damn vampires.

at my local park, apparently.


Perhaps you can stake them through the heart with your Hugo?

Congrats, BTW!

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I knew I needed an impaling device!
I-- *stake* --write-- *stake* --science-- *stake* --fiction! *stake*

*other vampires watch*

*and flee*
Someone call that Summers lady. I hear she's got a small army to remedy this sort of thing nowadays.
That's what we do at the cemetery.

Wanna know why? (Hint: not actually vampires. Or zombies. My dead people have far too much class to come back in either format.)

It's because, if you don't have some sort of hours posted, you can't have the cops come and haul people away for trespassing if they're up there drinking (or doing something else inappropriate) in the middle of the night, unless someone who is a legal owner or manager of the property witnesses the trespass and calls law enforcement (which in our case would mean the witness phoning me at home in the middle of the night and me hauling my butt out of bed to go chase drunk guys in the middle of the night. Not part of my brief, thanks.)

But if it's posted, and one has a trespass order on file, the neighbors can call and complain to the PD directly, and the cops can show up and shine their flashlights around and haul people off to the clink.
They may (and do) drink all they want to, as long as they have the class to be quiet enough about it that they don't wake the neighbors.
can vampires use sunscreen to go out in the day?
And is the upper sign about zombie trucks????

Meanwhile, congratulations!
Decayed trucks, anyway.
CONGRATS ON THE HUGO!!!!! That's incredible news. ::fans himself::
It's because Edward Cullen and Bella have been hanging out in there gushing about each other and swinging from trees. No one wants to witness that. Blech.
What is the matter with Mary Jane?
She's perfectly well and she hasn't a pain,
And there's a lovely, nice vampire in the park again--
What is the matter with Mary Jane?

Type A Milne
Heh...that would make a nifty book cover for a certain type of vamp story.
Your subtle Lost Boys reference made my morning.
I think this placard was not only for the vampires but also any terrible creatures. Because it's the "ghost month" in the Chinese calendar, most people avoid going out anywhere dark and gruesome. :p
*giggling* Take that, daylight savings time.
Oooh, Arizona Internets! Thankee. ^_^