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I claim 1300 words of "Wind-Up Boogeyman" for the day. It may actually be more than that, but there was some cutting of notes.

Also, there was three hours reading Sunil books and playing with his toys, and there was climbing.

Which was very satisfying climbing, after all the suck of recent weeks. I did four routes, three 5.7s and a 5.7+. That last one is my first 5.7+, overhung and on the barrel vault, and it was not easy. In fact, it was kind of the antithesis of easy. And I first tried it back in March, I think. I did it with two falls, which made me very pleased and smug.

So that was visible progress, and I was better on the other three than I have been before, and while I was pleased and tired after finishing, I do not feel kicked down stairs.

Next time, I'm going to finish that green 5.7 without dogging on the rope. I only had to stop once this time, at the crux. Next time for sure.

God, I'm actually getting better at this. You have no idea how encouraging that is.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks
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