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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

More signs that I am working again....

Lunch consists of:

a bowl of sliced radishes
two ears of corn
an english muffin
two steam buns and six pork vegetable wontons from the frozen section of the local Asian grocery.

Food? Don't trouble me with your demands for food, meatpuppet! I have Work To Do!

(At least we haven't hit the tinned soup, cereal, and stale toast stage yet.)


I have oft thought that there needs to be some sort of artists'/writers'/people who get into the grip of their muse food coop service. Something not prohibitively expensive that will provide the meatpuppets with tasty, nourishing food while there is Work to Do, but that isn't as expensive as calling out for whatever the local delivery option might be. Kinda like the friends who brought me soup when I was sick, but without the sore throat or lethargy.
you're not hard core until its beef jerky and flat diet coke.
Or Slimfast Optima and potato chips. *guilty*
See, I wouldn't have that in the house. Either of those things.

Wait, so if I sent you, say, vegetarian tinned haggis for Christmas, you might actually eat it if it's the last thing in the house?

Well, I'm not a big fan of haggis. It's kind of grainy.
For me it's ramen, soda, chips, apples or anything that's quick and not nailed down, really. In a pinch: bread and water. Not kidding.
that seems a little counterproductive.. How about yoohoo and those tiny stale chocolate donuts you buy in a bag?

Gingersnaps and koolaid.. Mmmmmmmm...
And then there's the 'slip flat foods under the locked door' stage. Though that requires both looming deadlines and very sympathetic friends.

The lucky thing about that stage is that naan is a flat food.
Man, look at the produce! That's good cuisine, as far as I'm concerned.

Then again, when I did the "my college forces me to have a meal plan / our dorms have no stoves" thing my freshman year in college, I went maybe a month eating only cereal and peanut butter and jelly. I would ponder during class: should I eat cereal for lunch today, and PPJ for dinner? Or the other way around?
So...who were the radishes for?

How else would one eat radishes? mmmmm.
Here? Baked into the middle of little buns, among other things. Not bad, but I'm suspecting that what they call radishes are not what I can radishes. (It could possibly something like a white radish, though.)

I'm relieved to hear about your buns and wontons, though. My go-to quick lunch here is frozen shrimp or vegetable dumplings (cooked - can be boiled, fried, or microwaved). It would be nice if I can still get them when I get back to the US.
It's probably something like daikon, yeah.

My local Asian grocery has an entire ROW of freezer cases full of ready-made dumplings, steamed buns, and so forth. (They also have fresh bahn cuon and so forth if you get there early enough in the day, but that's all based on getting out of the house.)

I usually keep a pile in the freezer so I will eat something other than peanut butter toast and apples while I am working. *g*

seems to be the week for this sort of thing...

Consumption here was a mutant-large baked potato with cheddar, an ear of corn, a roasted green pepper, and a lox-and-feta frittata. And two liters of diet coke. Is that too much diet coke for one ten hour period? How much really is too much diet coke?

Re: seems to be the week for this sort of thing...

I've moved on to giant bowls of popcorn.

Mmm. Popcorn.

Re: seems to be the week for this sort of thing...

oh mmm, yes. with garlic butter.

*goes off to dig up the air popper*

Re: seems to be the week for this sort of thing...

At some point (while still back in the US) we were having such a hard time finding real popcorn in our local supermarkets that when we came on a 50lb bag of it at Sam's, we bought it. We thought we'd have popcorn for about three years, but it only lasted 1.5.

Re: seems to be the week for this sort of thing...

I got one of Costco's buckets once.

Sadly, it does not stay fresh.

Re: seems to be the week for this sort of thing...

We kept it in several big plastic containers and had no problem with it going stale. (Unpopped popcorn, of course, but I assume that's what you mean too.) It even survived a move with no problems.